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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Triumphs of Unintentionally Feminist Humor! Well, Sort Of!

Today, I learned a terrible thing: in pop culture, feminism is dead! Dead! DEAD, I say! I learned this from Lynn Crosbie, who writes in a real live paper, and about whom you will read more later. (Mystery! Intrigue!) Unfortunately, since feminism in pop culture is DEAD and all, I basically have nothing more to […]

It’s Time for Another Installment of: WHAT KIND OF PRIVILEGE DOES SADY HAVE?

An important feature! Today, we will be focusing on: size privilege! Friends, I am not commonly defined as a fat* lady. I am also not as thin as I am told I should be. I am, on the scale of Popularly Recognized Normal Person Body Types as Represented by the Apatow Canon (IIIIIIII CANNNNN’T STOPPPPPPPPPP) […]


I am supposed to be here! But I am not, I am over here instead. Go read that!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Superemosogynisticexpialadocious. If You Make a Film of It, It’s Really Quite Atrocious!

JASON SEGEL: I’m interested in hearing a woman’s point of view on this.  RANDOM LADY CHARACTER: Really?  JASON SEGEL: No.  – From “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”  Ha ha, TOO BAD, film and TV star and Forgetting Sarah Marshall screenplay-writer Jason Segel! For the end of the Apatow Marathon is upon us, Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been […]

Sexist Beatdown: Second Prize, a Set of Steak Knives, Third Prize Is You’re Traumatized for Life Edition

Good evening! Welcome to an extremely and regrettably late edition of Sexist Beatdown, starring: Amanda Hess of The Sexist and also, many long hours later, myself! The lateness of this piece is, sadly, not the only thing that is regrettable: Caitlin Flanagan, the woman we will discuss today, is herself a deeply regrettable lady. Her […]

Superbad: Pussy Control

I would do terrible, disgusting things to hook up with [this girl], man. Unforgivable things. – Jonah Hill as “Seth”, in Seth Rogen-penned Sethtastic Apatow/Seth flick Superbad. OH, MY FUCKING GOD, JONAH HILL’S VOICE. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I mean, sorry to be immature, but: really. High-pitched, nasal, whiny, insistent, raspy-squeaky like a rusty […]

The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Sex Ed

–INTRODUCTION:–I am writing a piece about Judd Apatow. I am watching major Apatovian releases that I either (a) saw too long ago to remember, or (b) haven’t yet seen. This is the story of my descent into madness. The 40-Year-Old Virgin begins with what, I submit to you, is the perfect Apatovian tableau: a grown […]

Tiger Beatdown Explains It All

You know, people, Tiger Beatdown is a social service. That is why I make a point of frequently checking the search terms people use to find it! It appears that, along with your more common random-phrase searches, such as “boy pleasure of the flesh” (huh), “cheap vagina tighter creams” (ick), “picture of women showing there […]

Daddy, Daddy, You Bastard, I’m… Ew.

Good afternoon! Are you aware that Caitlin Flanagan has LOST HER ENTIRE MIND? Now, some of us may argue that Caitlin “Working Mothers Are Evil: Now, To Hire a Nanny So That I Can Write Professionally About This Fact” Flanagan had not much of a mind to lose. Regardless, she is in the Atlantic, arguing […]

Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, and the Strange and Difficult Path of Feminist Dudes: Some Thoughts

Here is a thing that will surprise you: I did not like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know! I know! Everybody liked Buffy! Specifically, every pro-feminist lady who’s into Strong Female Characters and has a medium-to-high tolerance for nerdy science fiction stuff and had a hard time in high school, especially ladies who are aware […]