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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Interesting News Presents: Zoidberg’s Revenge

There is a problem with sorting through The Lady News Of The Day when you are — as one unidentified, but sexy blogger may well be! — under the influence of copious cold medication and/or pretty much unable to breathe. (“Would a cigarette help with this?” — Sady’s Tragic Addiction.) First: The Lady News Of […]

And, We’re Back!

For those who have been patient during the last week: Thank you! For those who have not been: Thank you less. Also, re-evaluate your life! Scientists suggest that being patient in regard to me is, in fact, the key quality by which one can determine one’s moral well-being or lack thereof. I hope this has […]

The Woman Question: Some Thoughts On The Third Year of Tiger Beatdown

[Hey, it’s Tiger Beatdown Pledge Driving Week! And normally, I would insert a little schpiel here. But today, things are different. I have some stuff to say, it turns out. So here’s a button! And then, later, when we’re done talking, I’ll give you a button again.]   Hey! Who here is in the mood […]


[Howdy, y’all! (Ugh.) Turns out, it’s a Very Special Tiger Beatdown Fundraising Week. The lease on this domain is up, and we’re trying to raise the costs to keep it for one more year. Accordingly, we have blog posts! With pleas! Which may annoy you! But, for the record: Between 75% and 90% of the […]

Tiger Beatdown Goes To The Movies: The Kids Are All Right

[Hey, guess what time it is? If you guessed “Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive Time,” or “That Time of The Month With All The Brackets,” you are TOTALLY CORRECT! The Tiger B, as you may know, exists more or less entirely due to reader donations. Without them, we don’t pay our writers. Without them, we don’t […]

The Week In Patriarchy

The Daily Mail published research finding that people of all sexes agree: Women make poor bosses, are too moody. Everyone sort of blamed the (alleged!) victim in the firing of Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd over a sexual harassment investigation. Two women, an Assistant District Attorney and an investigator, were touched inappropriately by 70 year old […]

I HATE I Love The Way You Lie

A few weeks ago Kat Stacks, a woman known for hooking up with celebrities, was attacked. The official story was that she had been attacked for commenting negatively on the size of the rapper Bow Wow’s penis. At the news of her beating the Internet CHEERED. Twitter immediately went into a frenzy of slut-shaming. As […]

Summer of Body Image Problems

It’s been a light blogging summer. I think I’ve had trouble because I’ve been in my own head a lot more than usual. My usual blogging modus operandi is to take my personal life experience and try to tie it in with politics or pop culture or theory; it’s pretty standard personal-is-political type feminism 101 […]

Left Behind: About the Failures of Feminism

So Kinsey Hope, who some of you –but I’m betting not too many, which is kinda the subject of this post — might know better as Recursive Paradox (or even Genderbitch), wrote something about feminism that I think you should go and read. Not because I suspect you will agree with all, some, or even […]

Mel Gibson Is More Than Just A Racist Fuckbag: Tapegate Revisited

The media’s reaction to “tapegate” was predictable. “Mel Gibson is a colossal fuckbag. A sick colossal fuckbag. Case (and career) dismissed.” I’m just as happy as the next person to see him go, but before we hang Gibson out to dry I think it’s important to peel back some of the scandal’s Hollywood patina and […]