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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Titanic: Girl Power Sleeps With the Fishes

[Sady is working on a giant Mystery Project. It entails watching a lot of “romantic” movies. You know, for the chicks! Here are some of her notes.] One of the many things you come to appreciate about Titanic, when re-watching it as an adult, are the complexities of Billy Zane’s performance. Zane plays Caledon Hockley […]

Everything Old Is Worse Again: Of Vs and Backlashes

Hey! Do you remember V? Um, no, not that one…this one: Yes, that one! Everyone’s favorite reptilian-aliens-coming-to-eat-us-and-drink-our-milkshake (er, water) saga from the early 80s! There was the original V miniseries, a rather memorable if straightforward aliens=Nazis parable, followed by the less-than-memorable V: The Final Battle miniseries that existed to mostly tie up loose ends in […]

The Edward Cullen Underpants Conundrum

You guys? Something strange is happening to me. Something strange, and shameful, and wrong. Something I have tried to keep secret, knowing as I do that you would no longer be able to respect me, should you find out. But it is too much! I cannot keep the secret any longer! I… I think I […]

All Hail the Boy-King! All Praise the Glory of Will Phillips!

I… love this kid. LOVE HIM. He showed up in my inbox this morning with a message from a concerned friend, reading, “did you by any chance have a son ten years ago that you forgot about?” And my answer to you is, MAYBE! (Clicking through to the page this is on will bring you […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: In the Next Few Days, You Are Going To See More Important Announcements.

I am here again! I am also there, at the Feministe! I am all over! Excitement!

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Fake “Boobies,” Hot Girl Jobs, and Megan Fox Edition

Ladies, let me rap at ya. For starters: I am broke. So broke. “Let’s try not to throw ourselves out of our kitchen window and instead come up with more creative financial solutions” broke. And, as a broke person, and/or a lady, I think it is time we all face up to the following: People […]

The Triumphant Return of Tiger Beatdown, featuring: Your New Hero, Chris Surette

You know: one of the issues you run into, when you have blogged for a reasonably long enough time about lady stuff, is that sooner or later all the stories start to look the same. Oh, look! A movie has come out, and it looks kind of sexist! Oh, hey! Someone was way too flippant […]

AND NOW, A DOMESTIC INTERLUDE: In Which I Watch The World Series With My Gentleman Associate And/Or Confirm Several Unfortunate Gender Stereotypes

SADY: So I know you are not supposed to root for the Yankees. Because they’re rich, and they’re a rich person’s team, and whatever. But what does that mean? Like, do they pay more than other teams? So that the best players end up working for them, or whatever? GENTLEMAN ASSOCIATE: A bit of that, […]

Sexist Beatdown: Girl-Vs-Girl-Vs-Pop-Song Edition

Oh, pop music. How I miss writing about you on a thrice-weekly basis. You were INSANE, pop music! I had no idea what was going on with you most of the time! Commenters had to step in and be like, “pardon me, I believe you do not know what you are talking about, allow me […]

What Will YOU Do With Your Limited Edition Sady Doyle American Prospect “Twilight” Article?

Oh, goodness me! It is November! Look at that! And SEVERAL DAYS have elapsed whilst you stood around not reading my article on “Twilight” backlash, available in The American Prospect (publication date: October 26)! Now, under normal circumstances, I would link you to it. Look: here is a link! BUT… and this is a very […]