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What Will YOU Do With Your Limited Edition Sady Doyle American Prospect “Twilight” Article?

Oh, goodness me! It is November! Look at that! And SEVERAL DAYS have elapsed whilst you stood around not reading my article on “Twilight” backlash, available in The American Prospect (publication date: October 26)!

Now, under normal circumstances, I would link you to it. Look: here is a link! BUT… and this is a very important BUT I am about to lay down on you… YOU CANNOT READ THE ENTIRE THING UNLESS YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER!

I know! A predicament! I recommend subscribing. But what if this alone is not enough to satisfy your need to run my glorious article on “Twilight” backlash – my glorious, glossy article on “Twilight” backlash, which comes with several lovely photos in full color – through your own personal hands? Well, you could be like my mom, and print out things you read on the Internet so as to savor them with the added touch of legitimacy paper always supplies. But there is ANOTHER solution! For, you see, there are certain article-dispensing devices (“mah-gah-zeens,” I have heard people call them) in which you can find the articles themselves, printed in a limited and very attractive edition! Often published together with OTHER articles, so as to provide a comprehensive and pleasurable reading experience! Which is certainly the case for this “American Prospect” issue, and also their other issues. I myself have been reading it for days now, only occasionally pausing for two or three hours at a time to be hypnotized by the sight of my own extremely attractive name on the page. (Which is an expected problem for me, due to my monstrous narcissism; but perhaps also  an unexpected and delightful problem for YOU? The name is very attractive!)

Yes! You – YOU, reader of exciting progressive media – can buy this “mah-gah-zeen!” And should! Because generally it is always awesome! And there are many more useful things you can do with it! For starters:

  • You can frame it!
  • You can put it in your guest room or bathroom for the pleasure of your various houseguests!
  • I would recommend against putting it in your bathroom, however. For it is simply SO ABSORBING your guests might need to spend several hours within, reading the many exciting words that are on its pages!
  • You can make a jaunty paper hat! (A glossy and COLORFUL paper hat, with very tasteful typography.)
  • You can buy several hundred copies (a strategy I recommend HIGHLY), disassemble them, and make a creative and informative wallpaper!
  • You can buy a copy for all your friends, and form a discussion group!

Yes, there are many uses for your limited edition Sady-Doyle-containing issue of “The American Prospect.” But principally, I would recommend you read it! Read it right now! DO IT. SERIOUSLY. THIS IS VERY EXCITING.


  1. Vertigo29 wrote:

    congratulations Sady! I am very excited of the places you will go (and I will be like one of those fans of obscure bands that suddenly make it big… yeah, I read her BEFORE you did!)

    Congratulations again! 🙂

    Monday, November 2, 2009 at 11:33 am | Permalink
  2. Ali wrote:

    Ooh! I find myself quite wanting to read this article in its entirety, especially because I rather liked the one you wrote for Bitch magazine (mah-gah-zeen?) about this. Is it buyable in the UK?

    (Also, Vertigo29, I know what you mean – I was reading an article on the Guardian’s site, and then I realised it was by Sady, and thought OH! SADY DOYLE! I KNOW WHO SHE IS! BEFORE all you other Guardian readers!) (Because these things are clearly more important than the actual content of said articles. Um…)

    Monday, November 2, 2009 at 5:38 pm | Permalink
  3. Alex wrote:

    Omg! Published in a real paper magazine! That’s so amazing–congrats!!!!

    Also I am definitely going to try and track down a copy, since your article sounds fascinating.

    Monday, November 2, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Permalink
  4. Ann wrote:

    FYI, it’ll be out from behind the subscriber wall shortly… We roll out the print-magazine content over the course of the month.

    Monday, November 2, 2009 at 9:12 pm | Permalink
  5. Whoo!

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 8:25 am | Permalink
  6. ChelseaWantsOut wrote:

    Wow!!! That’s sooooo neat!!!

    Can this thing be purchased at like, Borders or wev? Maybe I should go to Borders RIGHT NOW and have a looksee.

    Man, it’s like somebody I have actually corresponded with via e-mail is actually published in an actual magazine!!!! Actually!!!

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 10:52 am | Permalink
  7. Canomia wrote:

    Wow, a real glossy paper magazine. Congratulations!
    But it’ll probably be hard to get it here in Sweden. If I could I would though, cool to see your name in a real live magazine.

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 12:38 pm | Permalink
  8. Ronnie wrote:

    But it looks like we can read your article in our ‘free sample issue’, then cancel? 20 bucks a month, are you going to be in more?

    Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 4:44 am | Permalink
  9. Sady wrote:

    @Ronnie: It’s seriously an awesome magazine, and it’s a huge honor to have my craziness in there. Ann Friedman, also of Feministing, is an editor; there’ve been a lot of great ladybusiness pieces in it. And this sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not. I think people should support this, with dollars, if they can possibly afford to do so. Because markets for ladybusiness are not so very plentiful, really, and if we want to see more of them we should demonstrate that we can and will keep the existing ones afloat.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 11:42 am | Permalink
  10. Ronnie wrote:

    OK sold, I’ll subscribe! You write divinely and I want to read more!

    Friday, November 6, 2009 at 8:31 am | Permalink
  11. concernednerd wrote:

    I completely agreed with your Taylor Swift analysis, but I would NEVER FRAME an article that compares X-men and Harry Potter to Twilight! I’m not a venerated author, but I’ll certainly quote one, Stephen King, who said so famously said, “Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people… The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” I think the same has to be said for X-Men, that the content of the comic books, hell, even those Wolverine spin off books, have a higher vocabulary and far more substance than Meyer’s trash. Basically, if you want to present a good case against Twilight backlash, why oh why would you sully the good name of Star Wars and X-Men to do so? Citing a very unscientific poll here, but if you were to have a conversation with a comic book fanatic compared to a Twi-Tard I guarantee, 9 times out of 10, the Star Wars fan will attempt at intellect conversation while the Twi-Tard will fiddle with their hair. Sady, you’re a darn good writer, but their just ain’t argument to be had against rounding up all the copies of Twilight and throwing a match to them.

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 1:43 am | Permalink
  12. Agnes wrote:

    I’m so glad this finally came out from behind the subscriber wall! I’ve been checking back with it every so often to see if it had yet. Very good points, as always, and after reading so much discussion of Twilight itself (usually of the feminist critique kind, not the “ew girls” kind you describe, but that’s just where I go on teh internets) it’s very cool to see some discussion of the discussion.

    Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 12:22 pm | Permalink