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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sexist Beatdown: Ejaculations of Surprise Edition!

Why, hello there! I hope you have pleasant plans for the weekend. Me, I have to take my mother and brother out on the town. They will ask, “what precisely is it you do all day, Sady?” And I will say, “today, I posted a chat about whether or not you should let dudes ejaculate […]


Yes, it’s true: Seth Rogen feels NOTHING BUT OUTRAGE! Because people just won’t stop calling him a SEXIST! I mean, I imagine it hurts to be subject to such unfounded criticism; it’s not like he’s starred in and/or improvised much of the dialogue for a series of movies in which women are either Crazy Drunk […]

What Message Will You Send With Your Twilight Tattoo?

Bad news, everybody: you might be a girl. And, as a girl, you are required to love Twilight. Don’t know why! It just works that way, I guess. So, as a girl, and therefore a Twilight fan, I am assuming that you are planning your very first Twilight tattoo. But wait! Consider! A Twilight tattoo […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My Knowledge of Genesis is Limited, But I Am An Expert on LOVE

Hey! Want to hear something crazy? I got to to a guest post on Shakesville, WOO. Do you want to hear something that is EQUALLY CRAZY? I am now a love advice counselor, who gives love advice, which is based on the timeless and always applicable lessons of Cinema! I assume this is going to […]

Tiger Beatdown PRESENTS: The Caitlin Flanagan Experience! Featuring Sandra Tsing Loh, and Depression.

You know, friends, I get tips sometimes! I do not write about all of these tips, for I am lazy. HOWEVER, when I receive a message entitled “Tiger Beatdown Emergency,” and it mentions a live! Multi-media! Interview! With Caitlin Flanagan! Well, I pay attention. Yes, it’s true: you, the listener, for no money at all, […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My Dark Plan Reaches Its Zenith; Also, Megan Fox

Friends, as we all know, my goals in life are to blog my faults with 40 links to other places. Also, to fit in some feminism around the edges! And I believe that one of the more important feminist issues today is Megan Fox. I am serious about that, actually! The press coverage of Megan […]

ADVICE! For Deleted Commenters! Sady the Starfucker Edition

You know, reader, I have not done one of these in a while. The mean anonymous comments have mostly been boring! And I like to dish out my friendly advice to people who are, at the very least, entertaining or innovative in their comment hate. Today, however, ADVICE FOR DELETED COMMENTERS returns! For, of all […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My Raging Narcissism Will Destroy Us All

So! Here is an interesting thing that happened this week: John “Frisky!” DeVore interviewed me about Feminism, a topic I am totally qualified to represent in its entirety, in Imaginationland. And now you can find that interview on noted web publication The Frisky! Commenters, thus far, are disappointed that it did not turn into Thunderdome. […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Takes Guard Has Your Homophobic Rape Joke Video Games Edition

You know, kids, it’s a lovely day. Why don’t you go and play outside, instead of rotting your minds with all of these “video games?” Ha, no. I like video games OK. I even like Flash games! I have had a none-too-demanding desk job; I have been in college and have wished to avoid term […]

Let’s Party Like It’s 1999! By NOT REPORTING RAPE CHARGES!

Ha, well, I was feeling pretty self-conscious about that Isaac Brock post! It was rough. Then, I clicked on the links in Smadin’s comment! Specifically, a link to a post by Jaclyn Friedman on the Yes Means Yes! Blog. So, apparently, Ben Roethlisberger, a football player, has been accused of rape. When the woman who […]