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Monthly Archives: February 2010

SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Mistress And The Tiger Edition

First of all: That headline, right? OUCH. Second of all: Are you aware that sometimes when relationships go South, or when one of the parties involved is a bit of a jerk, there can be CHEATING? This is an astonishing new fact of which I have recently become aware due to (a) watching a John-Edwards-centric […]

Yet Another Lady Determined To Be Secretly A Dude, Based on Job

And here I thought there would be no Tiger Beatdown posts today! Luckily, my friends, there is one thing that can save us all, and that is: people casually insulting (a) women, (b) people of various genders, and (c) women, again, also, but in a different way. In the name, of course, of Feminism! Let […]


What is going on with Tiger Beatdown this week? Here is what is going on with Tiger Beatdown this week! Tiger Beatdown is making some substantial progress, as it happens, on the ads thing! So Tiger Beatdown is doing various wackiness with the template also, so that the ads can have happy little homes. Tiger […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Lost Appreciation Edition

You know what we have been talking about lately at the Tiger Beatdown? Serious subjects! And you know what is not a serious subject: LOST. Oh, wait, yes, it totally is! If you are one of the many superfans of the show! You guys, are they on a spaceship? Are they all in Hurley’s imagination? […]

AMANDA PALMER WANTS TO SHOCK YOU. Just Don’t Get Upset About It, ‘Kay?

Hey, everybody: it’s story time! So, I don’t like Amanda Palmer. The idea of her, I mean! Obviously, I don’t know the woman. Maybe if we met we would braid each other’s hair and trade favorite Lucille Clifton poems; who knows, really? But this, this not-liking-the-idea-of-Amanda-Palmer, has been a contentious issue in my life, it […]

Acceptance Speech

About twenty-four hours ago, I didn’t know where I was going to be living at the end of this month. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to live, on my own power, by the end of this month. The company I worked for, for about three years, was hit hard by […]

Join the Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive!

Hey, dudes and ladies! Probably especially ladies! But dudes as well, sometimes: we like those, also. Remember last Sunday? Because I sure do. I wrote a little Meta-Post for you all, about how it is important for people to have jobs, and right now Tiger Beatdown is my very favorite and most frequent job of […]

Tiger Beatdown Entertainment Presents: MOMMY ISSUES, A Comedy in Two Bros

Hey, guess who is making another movie? Did you guess “that one ‘The Hangover’ dude?” Yeah, no, me neither. I try not to think about that one dude too much, as it happens! But he is making another movie, in fact. It is called “Due Date!” The synopsis, according to IMDB, is this: “A high-strung […]

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This Week, In Fortuitous Assignments

You guys, guess who got asked to review that “Valentine’s Day” movie? For the Guardian? It is possible that Valentine’s Day is a very high-calibre art film, like L’Age D’or,* in which the goal was for the viewer to viscerally feel that his or her own eyeball had been slit open with a razor (an […]

All My Break-Up Songs

[Well, here it is: V-Day, the big terror. It is an indisputable fact that if everything is okay, you don’t even care about this holiday all that much. And it is an indisputable fact that if everything is not okay, you will wake up filled with fear and loathing, and every disgusting teddy bear holding […]