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Monthly Archives: May 2009

A Supposedly Feminist Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Mistakes I’ve Made While Blogging

You know, friends: the Tiger Beatdown Internet Infotainment Experience has been around for a while now. Eight months, to be precise! That is like, seventy-seven years, in blog terms! Also, as I have been writing it, I myself have been getting older. I will be twenty-seven years of age soon! That is, like, seventy-nine-hundred years, […]

Everyone Can Succeed! But Not, You Know, At Music!

Oh my god. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. The best thing ever has happened. Are you ready for it? BECAUSE HERE IT IS: Okay. I am aware – thanks to numerous posts on the subject – that some of you may not be able to make it all the way through […]

Sexist Beatdown: Youth Is Wasted On the Young, and Also on GREGG Edition

Oh, Elizabeth Wurtzel. So readable. So relatable (NOTE: this is more true if you are a thirteen-year-old girl). So seriously, seriously problematic and scary. Like, for example: have you read this new essay of hers, about WHEN BEAUTY FADES? Well, Amanda Hess of The Sexist and I have! It is chock full of the self-loathing […]

Oh, no. Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’ Oh, no. At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee. Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including […]

Blogger, Walk With Me: BOB and Internet Feminism

I am always happy when there is a new post from Emily Magazine in my reader. It is a wonderful little gift! So this post – about women of her generation, and feminism, and inter-lady internet shaming – was exciting to find. It’s really interesting! And you should read all of it! I don’t quite […]

And Now: The Agony of COMMENTS OF THE WEEK!

Good evening! Do you remember last week, by chance? Last week, when I was all, “oh, my boyfriend is moving in, with me, so I may not be able to blog much, but I will certainly try to blog, and also next week will do far more blogging?”  Yes. Well. About that.  You see, friends, […]

Comedy! Banter! Graphic Rape Scenes!

Say, who likes dudes who use rape as a metaphor for any given experience? You do, you do! So, you are totally going to love this (extremely graphic and disturbing! If this sort of thing upsets you or gives you flashbacks, you should not read it! I rarely give these warnings, but I am serious […]


Greetings! Are you aware of how sad – so sad! So prone to bleak despair! – all women now are, due perhaps to progress? Well, we are. Sad, that is! I read a study about it! It was full of SCIENCE. I even wrote about the SCIENCE, for The Guardian’s Comment is Free! Observe: Women: […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This One, Actually, Is Not About Me

I have a question for you, reader. Do you like to read things? More specifically, do you like to read things… ON THE INTERNET? Do I ever have a thing for you! It is The Second Awakening, by the glorious C.L. Minou, and it is a blog that you will like! Because it is very […]

It is time! For COMMENTS OF THE WEEK! Yes, they are late again, I am sorry. And also, have announcements. Which you will read, right after these COMMENTS OF THE WEEK: s. captures the strange loop that is the World Wide Interblogs, on Sexist Beatdown: How DoubleX is Hurting Basically Everything Ever Edition: If I […]