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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Lars von Trier: Director, Genital Mutilator, Accidental Life Coach

You know, people, if there is one beat that I, as a blogger, aspire to provide comprehensive and informative coverage of, it is this: graphic genital mutilation in film. OH! WAIT! NO! That is totally not something I want to cover! It’s icky. Nevertheless, Lars “Sunshine” Von Trier has, apparently, created yet another film in […]

Highly Judgmental (Yet Positive!) Movie Reviews PRESENTS: Kicking and Screaming

This weekend, a strange and wonderful thing happened. I saw a movie! Okay, that is not the strange and wonderful thing. The strange and wonderful thing was that this movie, which I saw, was about a group of close male friends, all of whom treat girls like crap, are under-employed and lazy, and refuse to […]

Sexist Beatdown: How DoubleX Is Hurting Dolphins (Who Are Bastards Anyway) EDITION

As you know, people, I am paid for my Tiger Beatdown contributions on an excruciating ten-cents-per-pageview system. HA! I am just kidding! No-one would pay for this! It is true, however, that many paid bloggers are dependent upon the will and/or clicking power of the public to survive. Some of them cannot deal with this! […]

Who Takes Responsibility for the Responsibility-Takers? Hint: Not Linda Hirshman

Hello! And welcome back to Anti-Feminists Say the Darnedest Things Week here at Tiger Beatdown! For they do say things, these anti-feminists. DARNED things! Things that sound very dismissive, and critical, and devastating, until you realize that they make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Today, we will be discussing my two very least favorite statements in […]

My Raging Narcissism: Now Including 51% of the Earth’s Population!

Friends, I got a very smart and intriguing comment this morning! It is from Ashley! Ashley points out: I notice a theme that interests me… Several of the commenters say that you need to “get over yourself,” that “it’s not all about you,” or some variation on the theme that a feminist critique is somehow […]

And Now… Comments of the Week!

I know! They are late! What can I say: Monday was a crazy, messed-up time. Also, your comments were all too painfully amazing, and it was difficult to choose but three amongst their glory. I have made my choice, however! Behold, these nigh-supernaturally amusing (and enlightening!) comments. Amanda handily achieves the impossible in ADVICE! FOR […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There Are No Chicks In the Future

A Star Trek thing is up! At Comment Is Free! It is by me! In it, we explore important questions, such as: will chicks be able to talk, in the future? Who does a girl have to screw to get a job on the Enterprise? (The answer will… well, it will not really surprise you.) […]

Adventures in Comparative Literature: Chug (Chug) Chug (Chug) Freshman (Freshman) Freshman (Freshman) Edition

So! I spoke to a gentleman recently. I was like, “hello! How are you? I, myself, am contemplating a blog post on Asher Roth.” And he was like, “Asher Roth? Really? Is this what we are doing now? Wasting our lives?” And I was like, “point taken! CLICK: DELETE POST.” Then we started talking about […]

Sexist Beatdown: Kavalier and Clay in: the Case of the Missing Maternal Instinct Edition

Good afternoon! Are you ready for a beatdown? Of SEXISTS? Well, good news for you if you are. Indifferent news, if you are not! The blog post will be here all day, seriously. Because, did you know that Ayelet Waldman is a BAD MOTHER? She would certainly like you to think so, anyway, because that […]


Hi! I have two things to note: 1) TOM is not the Tom who comments here. He is another, evil TOM. Actual Tom sent me an e-mail to clarify the distinction between himself and Bizarro TOM, and I want to share that information with the world. 2) In non-TOM related news (but isn’t all news, […]