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Monthly Archives: September 2009

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Mackenzie Phillips Makes Everyone Sad Edition

So, you know what’s sad and hard to deal with? The Mackenzie Phillips thing. I mean, seriously: there is so much going on there! With the incest, and the “consensual” incest, and the nobody really even understanding or knowing how to process what “consent” even means (OPINION TIME: pretty much nothing) in contexts of abuse […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: Douche Chills Edition

Ladies! Do you have problems dealing sometimes? Specifically, do you have problems dealing with THE SEXISM? Yeah, you do. Because it’s cool; because it’s sooooooo much more sophisticated than that “feminism” thing (remember: sexism ended in the ’70s! We are beyond it! And we can prove that by being SEXIST again); because a substantial amount […]

Today, In Sentences That Aren’t As Complimentary As You Hoped:

The action (or often lack thereof) taking place in [Tao Lin’s Shoplifting from American Apparel] is so everyday slice of life for anyone who can use ‘Beacon’s Closet’ in a sentence, that it produces a sensation in the reader that is not unlike spending an afternoon catching up on your Tumblr dashboard. Except that, unlike […]

Beyond Good And Evil, Straight To Annoying: A Few Thoughts on Michael Moore

Oh, good, Michael Moore is back. With a movie about capitalism! Apparently he calls it “evil?” Yeah. I know. Now: It’s not as if I haven’t been fucked over by capitalism myself, in this past year. Like a lot of people, I totally have. And it’s not as if I am not sympathetic to radical […]

“Question: You’re A Dick. What Are Your Thoughts On That?”

Oh hi! Say, has anyone noticed a big, gory smear on the pavement lately? Yeah. That would be Seth McFarlane. Now, if there is one thing I have had cause to think about this week, it is that people who intentionally seek to provoke outrage are really hard to deal with. Because basically, if you […]

Sexist Beatdown: Wee Little Racists Edition

White people! Specifically, parents who are white people! We need to talk! Your six-month-old babies, they are all HUGE RACISTS! Okay, this is probably not true for your six-month-old baby. What is true of your six-month-old baby is that it has probably noticed that people have different skin tones. However, by the time your baby […]

Meta-Post: The Changing Face of Tiger Beatdown

In one of approximately nine million things I have written in the past month about stuff I have contributed elsewhere, esteemed reader – and one-time contributor! – Chelseawantsout weighs in thusly: Is everything going to be an important announcement from now on? When are we going to get some unimportant announcements or important proclamations? Ha! […]

Sexist Beatdown: Not-Yet-Nude Levi Johnston Edition

So, let’s say that you – you, the reader! – are involved in some nasty business right now. Possibly you are involved with a clan of oddly-named, politically ambitious, cartoonishly terrible Alaskans! Let’s say, furthermore, that the nasty business you are involved in attracts national and international media attention, due to how insanely terrible and […]

Lady Business Interviewing: Audacia Ray on Sex Worker Literati

Along with Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys – hey, remember when I covered that? That was fun! – comes a new reading series, “Sex Worker Literati,” which takes place at the Manhattan bar Happy Ending on the first Thursday of every month. The reading is less an offshoot of the anthology than it […]

This Week, In Medicine-Tasting: Rosen vs. Doyle vs. Tucker vs. World

So, you all know about how I liked Jody Rosen’s Sophie Tucker article, right? I liked it very much! I liked it so much that I wrote about it elsewhere! Oh, and then Jody Rosen wrote about what I wrote. He did not like it so much, as it happens! The key contention that he […]