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Monthly Archives: August 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Barack Obama Is In Your Book Club

So, last week, my personal gentleman associate was all, “OMG the President is reading everything that I read last summer!” And I was like, “OMG so true!” There might have been an “LOL” in that conversation, too. But, anyway, Presidential reading lists are always strange, because clearly they are selected to maintain a certain image […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: History Is Uncomfortable

So, here is a thing you have to deal with every once in a while: people can be really, startlingly ahead of the curve on some things, and right on the curve in other ways. Oh, but also, sometimes the curve is HORRIBLE. Case in point: Sophie Tucker. Who, courtesy of the NYT, I now […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Nujood Ali Will Break Your Heart

Over at Broadsheet (yay, Broadsheet) you will find a piece I wrote on Nujood Ali. She was married at eight, divorced at ten, and an unbelievable inspiration. But here is the thing about inspirations: they are also often people. And Nujood Ali is a little girl with a lifetime of poverty, severe abuse, and oppression […]

Sexist Beatdown: What “No” Means Edition

So, here is a terrifying scenario: you go to visit a dude in his dorm room. He tries to have sex with you. You say “no,” repeatedly, throughout the process. He does not stop. You are pretty darn sure that this is rape! So you go to the police! And the courts! And they agree […]

Stephen Moyer Thinks You Want To Be Raped By Your Vampire Boyfriend

It’s true! In a lovely quote from Nylon (which I learned about via Kelsey Wallace at Bitch Blogs, and HEY STAY TUNED FOR AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT on that front, by the way; see also Renee’s excellent post) Stephen Moyer, who plays a vampire on some show I do not watch called True Blood, uncovers the […]

Lady Business Book Review: “Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys”

Say! Feminists! Do you have opinions about sex work? Sure you do. Everyone does. The sexual experiences of others are always a conversation starter – particularly if the subject of discussion is a lady, or anyone who does not fit solidly inside the hetero norm. Which is why it’s not surprising that, among the earth’s […]

Monday Mad Men Madness! Kitten With a Whip Edition

Reader: I woke up this morning to a freshly downloaded episode of Mad Men. And also, a headache you would not believe! Yet, in the hopes that one would fix the other, I pursued my duty of watching Mad Men and opining about it for the general public. The episode begins, startlingly, with Ann-Margret in […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: St. Vincent Hates Lilith Fair, Is Problematic Nonetheless

Oh, hey, here is a thing that is exciting: I wrote a piece for Broadsheet! It is about Annie Clark (or “St. Vincent,” as the kids call her) and her interview with Spinner, which is (a) weirdly lady-bashing, (b) weirdly feminist, and (c) weirdly correct on most counts. So, here is the piece, anyway! What […]

“The concept for our video is, ‘Things You Can Airbrush Onto Your Van.'”

Here are some questions you may not have asked yourself recently: what is former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore up to? And, WHAT HATH REN-FAIRE WROUGHT? Well, good news for you! I have your answers! They are both contained within this clip. There are some things you will be thinking, as this mystical journey of […]

Sexist Beatdown: Trans Panic Fever Edition

People of the world: prepare to expose your crotches. Yeah! I know! That sounds creepy and awful to me, too! HOWEVER, behold what is in the news right now: KATE, A LADY: Gets temp job. Uses lady locker room at temp job. Gets fired from temp job. Oh, and also she is trans! So now […]