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s.e. smith

s.e. smith, Tiger Beatdown’s asexy contributor, enjoys riling people up, writing stuff, and getting disability all over your social justice, sometimes all at the same time. Particular areas of interest include class, environmental issues, identities, and gender. If you ask very nicely ou can tell uproarious stories from a checkered past that includes temporary careers as an ice cream maker, indie bookseller, goat herd, congressional aide, and repertory manager for a theatre (not all at the same time).

smith writes daily at this ain’t livin’, tweets, maintains a television criticism column at Global Comment, is a regular contributor at xoJane, occasionally shows up at places like Comment is free and Bitch Magazine, and, like everyone else on the Internet, is also in the process of writing editing trying to get representation for trying to sell a novel. Offers of money, dessert items, publishing contracts, and lawnmowing services can be directed to sesmithwrites at gmail dot com.