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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Silvana can’t make it today. Why? Who knows why!? She has a life, apparently, and lawyering, and a wedding and so on and so forth! HOWEVER, for those of you who are (a) in New York and (b) enjoy watching me make a fool of myself, I will be reading tonight as a part of […]

The Hot In Cleveland Review: In Which I Ride The Betty White Phenomenon For All It’s Worth

Betty White! Really, what’s not to like? I mean, go on to the Wiki article on her. Did you know she was the first woman to have “full creative control in front of and behind the camera”? That she’s the “queen of the game shows”? (A subject near and dear to my own heart, I […]


Why, hello there! “Hello, Sady,” I imagine you to be saying. “What the heck are you up to? Aren’t you supposed to be writing about books?” Well, yes! But, first of all, some nice people offered me money to write about something else. So I did it, and now the dog can eat. Mission Accomplished! […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told (That You’re Fired) Edition

ALL RIGHT, LISTEN UP, MAGGOTS. IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT GENERAL STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL. HE GOT FIRED! FIRED! YOU HEAR ME, YOU LITTLE WUSSES? All right. Yes. You hear me. PROBABLY. Now, it’s time to disassemble and re-assemble the implications of this incident re: performative gender! While blindfolded! And not an expert on military policy and […]

The Week In Patriarchy

Facing the same unsympathetic work evironment as women in the 70s, men were increasingly stressed out over balancing work and family lives. The New York Times intoned, “men may be stressed out, but try telling that to their wives.” Quoting a marriage historian, the article said, “women don’t necessarily give [men’s] contribution the same value […]

CRAWLING OUT OF BED: Internalized Ableism and Privilege

Two years ago I was living at home with my family, taking a few classes at a local community college, and saving up to return to university. It was the start of November, and I was watching a Golden Girls marathon with Jo, my sister-in-law. Sitting in an office chair, my feet resting on the […]


In some sense, all of the history of religion and philosophy is a protracted exercise in victim-blaming. In literature, in poetry, in art and in science, we seek to answer what may very well be the fundamental question of the human condition: Why do bad things happen to good people? We seek explanation. For tragedy, […]

Dirty Girls and Bad Feminists: A Few Thoughts on “I Love Dick”

There’s a moment in almost any bad memoir where you start to get the sense that the author is telling you more than he or she actually wants you to know; a moment where the author’s persona, carefully crafted to be winning or fun or poignant or survivorly and magnificently victimized, starts to slip, and […]

Let’s Not Be Silly: The Marie Arraras 911 Call, and What It Means

Marie Celeste Arraras is a lady. She is a lady that some of you–including, shamefully, your humble correspondent who really needs to expand her horizons once again–may not have heard about. But if you watch Telemundo, you probably have seen her on “Al Rojo Vivo,” her daily news broadcast, or her work as a contributor […]

And Now, Your Fabulous Prize-Winner!

Yes, it’s true: The Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive has concluded. And, amongst you all, one has emerged the victor. Soon you shall all know her by name. Okay, you’ve waited long enough. Her name is Erin! Hi, Erin! Thanks for the donation! As you all know, it is Erin’s job to tell me what to […]