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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hate, fear, and rhetoric: The labeling of hate crimes in the United States

Two weeks ago, the news exploded with a shooting at the Family Research Council which injured a security guard in the arm. Conservatives immediately went on the attack, labeling the shooting ‘terrorism’ and a ‘hate crime’ and zeroing in on the fact that the shooter was associated with a gay community centre, creating the image […]

Lives worth living: Disability, abortion, and slipshod ethics

I’m still seething over this post at Reproductive Health Reality Check, in which I am essentially informed that my life has so little value, is so not worth living, that I was such a burden on my father to raise, that I should have been aborted. Things like this are why I have problems interacting […]

Because everyone deserves sick days

One of the many things that used to distinguish freelancing from other forms of employment was the lack of sick days. If you were sick, you either worked anyway, or you didn’t work, and you lost out on a day’s income. That was just how things operated, and you seethed in jealousy at your conventionally […]

HIATUS: Garland Goes To The Woods

For the next few months I’m going to be living in a place without stable Internet access, so I’ll be on indefinite hiatus from Tiger Beatdown for the foreseeable future. My parents are building a cabin on the family property in East Texas and while my dad works his last year before retirement in the […]

Got ID?

The escalating war on voting rights in the United States has come with a lot of discussion about voter identification, which is rightly pointed to as a form of voter suppression. Requiring people to have identification in order to vote creates another barrier to taking their rightful place at the polls, and means that voters […]

Stop referring to ‘free birth control,’ because it ain’t

A lot of misleading language surrounds health insurance reform—and yes, it is health insurance reform, not health care reform, because the focus is on the insurance industry—in the United States, along with considerable mixed feelings. It’s far from a simplistic good or bad issue, and this post isn’t about debating the nuances of the Affordable […]

GORE VIDAL, Elder statesman of American Rape Apology and Transphobia

[Content Note: The following contains Rape Apology, Transphobia, and Cissexism] If you hadn’t heard: Gore Vidal is dead. While the hagiographers are still pinning down just the right words to eulogize him, I’d like to interject a not at all respectful or kind or complete assessment of the man’s life, before we’re all drowning in happy […]