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North and South

It’s raining here, softly but firmly, and Wendy Davis is filibustering in Texas. She’s speaking in a low, quiet voice in the other tab, talking about admitting privileges, standing quietly as Senators raise points of order, resuming her flood of speech flawlessly when the floor is returned to her. Her voice is calm and clear, […]

Tea Party practices its voter intimidation skills for November in Massachusetts

Massachusetts held a Democratic primary recently; you might have missed it, in a haze of other election news and everything else that’s going on. But something really, really important happened there, and it wasn’t just who won the election. It’s something that didn’t get nearly as much coverage as it should have, even in progressive […]

Stop referring to ‘free birth control,’ because it ain’t

A lot of misleading language surrounds health insurance reform—and yes, it is health insurance reform, not health care reform, because the focus is on the insurance industry—in the United States, along with considerable mixed feelings. It’s far from a simplistic good or bad issue, and this post isn’t about debating the nuances of the Affordable […]

Mitt Romney, Bully In Chief?

Last week, The Washington Post broke what turned out to be a rather explosive story on Mitt Romney’s school days, with a headline about his school ‘pranks, but also troubling incidents.’ What ended up being particularly controversial about the story was both the reaction from the Romney campaign, and the reaction from readers, who seemed […]