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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Tiger Beatdown Goes to #SXSW

Next month I will be speaking at South By Southwest! I’ve been invited to lead a core conversation on Dealing With Internet Drama in the Feminist Discourse with the event’s creator, Rachel McCarthy James of Deeply Problematic. One of the perks of speaking at SXSW is a free badge for the Film and Interactive festivals. Here […]

The War on Reproductive Rights: A Recap

Women should not wear a tube top if they would like justice for their rape. If they are raped, it had damn well be “forcible.” If you do get an abortion do not be from Virginia! Or Georgia! If you are from Georgia you will send his excellency Bobby Franklin your sanitary napkins (Not the real […]

Are you there, Representative Bobby Franklin? It’s Me, Devery

[Devery Doleman is a woman. A woman with a QUEST FOR JUSTICE! She has asked those of us at Tiger Beatdown to aid her in bringing a killer to light. As quasi-responsible bloggers, we have no choice but to aid her in this quest. Read her story of mystery and suspense below.] Dear Representative Franklin: […]

WHO WILL STAND WITH GRIZZLY FETUS? The Vice-Presidential Search Begins!

Oh, hey there, my non-fetal friends. Would you believe it’s been an entire week, since I first hacked this blog and transformed it into a safe space for Fetus-Americans? I know! I know! That’s 1/12th of a trimester! OR SOMETHING. And at this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve won you all over with my radical […]


Oh, hello again! It’s me! And by “me,” I mean “Grizzly Fetus!” As I usually do. Since I am Grizzly Fetus. Sorry, you girls are so simple in the mind-brain that I often feel compelled to give you a little extra explanation. Don’t remember me yet? Oh! Let me remind you, YOU BIG OLD SIMPLETONS: […]

Meet the HR3 Ten: Joe Donnelly

In the run-up to the 2010 election, Melinda Henneberger at Politics Daily wrote of Joe Donnelly:

Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Donnelly and his Republican challenger in next month’s election, state Rep.Jackie Walorski, have a fair amount in common: Both are pro-gun, pro-life, and oppose climate change legislation, though it’s Donnelly who has been endorsed by the NRA, and he, too, who emphasizes his stand against illegal immigration.


All right, folks. For too long have I lived in darkness. For too long have I lingered on the fringes of society, never being heard, in part because I do not yet have a mouth, and thus cannot use human language. FOR TOO LONG, have I been SILENCED! By FEMINISM! It is time for me […]

Meet the HR3 Ten: Mark Critz

Meet Mark Critz. He got a huge chunk of cash from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last election to hold the seat he’d won in a special election after the death of his old boss, John Murtha. How huge? $2,107,202.86

A Tiger Beatdown Valentine’s Day Present

You guys, I love you all. And I got you something, to show you how I feel. IT’S A SUPER-CRAPPY-LOOKING ATLAS SHRUGGED TRAILER! Awww, yeah. A few notes: Apparently Well-Meaning Mediocre Guy (or, “Eddie”) is being played by the only black person ever to be cast in an Ayn Rand movie. SPOILER: Eddie doesn’t make […]

Meet the HR3 Ten: Heath Shuler

So! H.R.3 supposedly won’t redefine rape anymore, but the fight’s just getting started. We learned last week that the new Congress followed H.R. 3 with H.R. 358, the Protect Life Act, which would redefine “conscience” clauses to allow pregnant women to die if saving them would require harming the fetus.