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Monthly Archives: February 2011

QUICK HIT: On Abortion, #DearJohn, and What To Do When Congress Wants to Legalize Your Murder

I wrote a bit for you at Global Comment, on HR3, HR358, and how they represent a staggering new level of violence against women and trans people. Passed into law, backed by certain Democrats who are so comfortable with exploiting their base that they’re fine with killing some of them (dudes, we are not going […]

#DearJohn: On Rape Culture and a Culture of Reproductive Violence

Working on #DearJohn, something has been made really, creepily clear to me: For my entire life, I’ve been so privileged, and so steeped in a culture of violence, that I’ve been able to remain largely unaware of one really, really important and traumatic form of sexual violence. I was born in 1982. I started to […]

#DearJohn: A Few Notes on Choosing Your Battles Poorly

Ah, petitions! Such a wondrous part of a lively and engaged public discourse! So useful, in terms of registering dissent. Why, I like petitions so very much that I have one up right here on Tiger Beatdown. You know who else has one up, though. The DCCC, which has partnered with lovely progressive site […]

Quick Hit: Heading Out to GritTV

Good morning! As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the “forcible rape” language has been removed from HR3, thanks to you and your tireless work. We got over 1000 signatures on our petition, OVERNIGHT. You are amazing. Take a second to engage in some sort of self-applause. HOWEVER. As I’m sure you also know, everything […]

#DearJohn: Sign the Petition to Stop HR3

Loading… So, we have spent the past few days, discussing what’s terrible about HR3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion If You Weren’t Raped Convincingly Enough, Or If You Have Insurance, Or Basically If We Just Don’t Feel Like It, Ever” Act sponsored by the terrifying Chris Smith of New Jersey, many terrible politicians including […]

#DearJohn: Taking It Big

AS YOU KNOW, we have been talking since Friday about how hideous and unacceptable the re-definition of rape in HR3 really is. (Along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BILL: The attack on the Hippocratic oath posed by “conscience” clauses, the attack on your insurance if you have it, the overt and obvious and unacceptable attack […]

#DearJohn: Resources for the Digital Activist

A number of people have expressed an ardent desire to join #DearJohn but asked for assistance with Twitter and I promised yesterday that I would post some resources for them. Deanna Zandt has written an introductory guide to the #DearJohn campaign, with links to step by step walkthroughs to help you sign in for the […]