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For Your Reading Pleasure: Sexual Inadequacy

In March the basic television musical Glee, site of so much critical dissection, had a show about sex and sex education called “Sexy.” It was a bold move for Fox to give airtime to an untried commodity like sex. The question on everyone’s mind was, of course, would it sell? In one scene the Glee […]

Quick Hit: Girls Rock Camp Austin SXSW Day Party

I just woke up, so it will take me time to fight the 6 other people in this apartment for the one shower, but this is where I’m going to be all day.

Tiger Beatdown Goes to #SXSW

Next month I will be speaking at South By Southwest! I’ve been invited to lead a core conversation on Dealing With Internet Drama in the Feminist Discourse with the event’s creator, Rachel McCarthy James of Deeply Problematic. One of the perks of speaking at SXSW is a free badge for the Film and Interactive festivals. Here […]