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I Hated Glee Before It Was Trendy: At What Point Does Pop Culture Become Shitty Enough for People to Notice?

I had promised, gentle readers, to stop writing about Glee. After establishing a reputation as a trailblazer in the Glee-hating department, I wanted to rest on my laurels; or, more accurately, I wanted to stop wading through piles of communiques from angry Glee fans, and I wanted to stop watching the show because it was […]

For Your Reading Pleasure: Sexual Inadequacy

In March the basic television musical Glee, site of so much critical dissection, had a show about sex and sex education called “Sexy.” It was a bold move for Fox to give airtime to an untried commodity like sex. The question on everyone’s mind was, of course, would it sell? In one scene the Glee […]

OMG Glee: Brand New Puppy Edition

“Kurt looked up from his desk and stared fondly at the old group photo of the members of New Directions, his High School Show Choir. He struggled to remember when it had been taken. He lifted the frame from the wall and scrutinized the tiny markings on the bottom that dated the photo. ‘Ah yes,’ […]

OMG Glee: The Substitute

Last week’s Glee was really terrible. Not just “makes Social Justice activists cringe” terrible, but poorly executed. Gwyneth Paltrow played a substitute teacher named Holly Holiday with designs on Will’s job, Principal Figgins, one of the show’s few characters of color, was fired, and Kurt was a terrible, shitty friend to Mercedes all the way through. We learned […]

OMG GLEE: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Disastrophe

In Glee’s ongoing mission to swallow large swaths of popular culture and extrude out the pink coils of chicken sludge they call “entertainment,” this week they did Rocky Horror Picture Show. “Don’t dream it, be it” Rocky Horror urges its viewers, and Glee got it half right. Here is a partial! incomplete! list of complaints: The […]

Won’t Stop Believin’: A Gleek Turns Against the Thing He Loves

Last month marked a year since the pilot episode of Glee aired. Initial critical reception was tepid, with reviewers praising its theatrical take on high school extracurriculars but faulting its lack of dramatic substance. The show focuses on a high school show choir by the name of “New Directions”, melding the hyper reality of a […]