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This is a post about Bunheads. Deal with it.

People people people, can we talk about Bunheads on ABC? Because holy moly, I have been on pins and needles all week waiting for tonight’s episode. I have been wanting to watch it since about halfway through last week’s episode, honestly, because it was poppin’ fresh, as the kids like to say, and I’m really […]

I Hated Glee Before It Was Trendy: At What Point Does Pop Culture Become Shitty Enough for People to Notice?

I had promised, gentle readers, to stop writing about Glee. After establishing a reputation as a trailblazer in the Glee-hating department, I wanted to rest on my laurels; or, more accurately, I wanted to stop wading through piles of communiques from angry Glee fans, and I wanted to stop watching the show because it was […]

So, How ABOUT Those Hunger Games?

I saw the film adapation of The Hunger Games over the weekend, and like everyone else on the Internet it seems, I have a lot of Thoughts. So many that I cannot even confine them to one website. The flowering of discussion over The Hunger Games is kind of awesome, because people are really engaging […]