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Del Martin Will Have Her Revenge on California

Do you remember Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon? The really unbelievably adorable old lady activists who founded the Daughters of Bilitis? They got married in California in 2004, and then their marriage was voided, but last June they got married – again – almost instantly after the Supreme Court overturned the ban on same sex marriage, and all of this came after they’d lived together for 56 years? They moved in together on Valentine’s Day. In 1953. They told these kind of wonderful stories that made you believe it was possible for two people to stay together, because, just like everyone else, they had problems (Phyllis threw Del’s shoes out the window to demonstrate that she was displeased at having to pick up after her; Del got frustrated because Phyllis won arguments by leaving the room and refusing to engage) but that didn’t matter as much as the fact that they wanted to be with each other. And then Del died two months after their second wedding, and it was really sad, but also really beautiful, because that’s how she got to go out, she won, she got to marry to the person she loved?

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that if Prop 8 passes, Del’s widow Phyllis will have her marriage once more declared legally void. This time, since Del is gone, there will be no take-backs.

Jesus fucking Christ, Prop 8 supporters. Why don’t you kill some puppies with nail guns while you’re at it?