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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Getting Some Nuance Up In Your Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights is a dominant social issue in the United States right now. No wonder, with an ongoing onslaught against it from almost all political quarters, between the GOP’s straight up attempts to make it impossible to access any kind of reproductive health services to pro-life Democrats. Yet, the discussion of reproductive rights seen in […]

I Think I’m Ready To Stop Kidding Myself About Lady Gaga’s “Judas”

I’m going to level with you Beatdown: this piece was almost going to be about how much I still love Lady Gaga, how innovative and interesting and important she still is. This morning I realized that I wasn’t writing objectively about the song, but was instead pushing this really obsequious pro-Gaga agenda. This meant I […]

Suffering in Italy: on being a woman at an asylum seeker center

Most pop culture depictions of Europe are about this supposed socialist paradise where everyone pays exorbitant taxes, works a couple of hours a day and still manages to have free healthcare. However, there is also another Europe, one we do not hear much about in English speaking news and it is the Europe that asylum […]

Game of Thrones: It’s Grim Oop Norf

Game of Thrones is Tea Party world, Tolkien remixed by Ayn Rand.

THE BENEFITS OF ACTIVISM: Slightly More Covert Rape Redefinition, Woo-Hoo

Oh, hey, everybody! Remember how we were all upset about that “you only get an abortion if we decide you were really raped” language in H.R.3? And then we were all, “no, stop that, lawmakers, take that clause out right now,” and lawmakers were all, “okay, we will, stop yelling at us, GAH.” Remember that? […]

The Class War That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Mother Jones had an eyepopping, in the sense that they were both visually stunning and intellectually horrifying, set of charts in their March-April issue. If you want a visual representation of what is wrong with the United States, these charts are a pretty great resource, because they illustrate both the depth of the current income […]

What is missing?

So, I was reading Jill’s post at Feministe (and the comments therein) about “call outs” and minority voices and who writes about what in the Feminist blogosphere (and subsequently, who/ which stories get attention). And that got me thinking a bit. So, I am going to turn to you, readers, for a second. I have […]