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Monthly Archives: June 2011

El Roundup Latin@ American@ – News from Latin America

It’s time for a new installment of our weekly feature of news from El Sur! To reiterate my call from last week, my list of sources and issues is likely to be incomplete, so, I’d like to put out a call for Latin American bloggers/ writers/ content producers who write in English about Latin America, […]

Horror Innovator Innovates Horror

So, friend. Let us say that you are a director. A director of films! Films for entertainment purposes! But, sadly, no-one is paying enough attention to your films, for the public, they are crude and tasteless. What do you do? How do you handle yourself? How do you advance your art? Well, if you are […]

Without Local News, Is Justice Possible?

The Federal Communications Commission just released a substantial report on the state of media communications in the United States. You can take a gander at the full report in .pdf, if you feel so inclined. There’s a lot to tease apart in this extremely lengthy document, but The Consumerist highlighted an issue of particular news […]

“Business networking”, career women and “the non-integrated immigrant”

If you have a White Collar job (no matter how low or high in the pay scale or in the corporate hierarchy), chances are you’ve been told of the importance of networking to advance your career. This idea of networking is so ingrained in our Western notions of work and corporate life that we almost […]

Oh, the Depravity! Pearl Clutching at the WSJ Over Young Adult Fiction

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran a ‘commentary’ on young adult fiction by Meghan Cox Gurdon, who evidently ‘regularly writes about children’s books for the Journal.‘ With a qualification like that, you can expect some quality journalism; a thoughtful discussion, perhaps, of the current state of YA, maybe. Some coverage of attempts at book bannings, […]

El Roundup Latin@ American@ – News from Latin America

My fellow Tigres and Tigres@s, we are committed to bringing the best that the web can offer in news and perspectives so, we are starting a weekly roundup of news from the South. El Roundup Latin@ American@ will be posted every Saturday, populated by links to the best op-eds, news and blog posts about and […]