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Monthly Archives: October 2011

World Mental Health Day and political pain.

It’s World Mental Health Day today, which aims to “raises public awareness about mental health issues. The day promotes open discussion of mental disorders, and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment services.”  That’s a big huge umbrella, but I’d like to talk about something I’m intimately familiar with: depression. The Center for Disease Control and […]


Now picture this: me screaming the above. Angry. VERY ANGRY as a matter of fact. Screaming this at my computer screen. Screaming it at nobody and everybody. At you. You, person I might have never heard from who might have not even commented on this blog or any of the other publications where I can […]

The Percentages: A Biography of Class

1. Bleach My first connection to magazines, maybe my most immediate, is the smell of bleach. My father worked in a printers’ shop; it was a trade my mother had gotten him into, when she worked at a newspaper. It worked for him, kept him going, and it was a step up; before she got […]

In the name of safety: the multi-national anti immigration industry and their billionaire profits

I am a Non Western, South American immigrant in a society that is increasingly determined to get rid of those like me. Media constantly reminds me that we are practically non human. That our rights should be eroded further in the name of safety. Politicians build careers using the rhetoric of hatred against those like […]

We Are Many, They Are Few: You, Too, Can Make A Difference

I’m haunted by the Kelly Thomas case. For those not familiar with it—and you may be familiar, for reasons I shall discuss shortly—Kelly Thomas was severely beaten by Fullerton police officers at a bus stop in July. Witnesses, including passengers on a bus pulling into the lot, thought he had been killed on the scene, […]