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Violence Against Women With Disabilities: Probing the Scope of the Problem

On Friday, Flavia reminded readers of the problems with the limited reach of anti-violence campaigns, which tend to focus on specific populations, and discussed the #16days campaign intended to highlight numerous perspectives on gender-based violence. She touched upon one area of conversations about violence against women that tends to be neglected: Discussions about the intersections […]

You Can’t Fight Child Abuse Without Fighting Ableism

The Internet was abuzz last week with the Hillary Adams case; a young woman bravely videotaped her father beating her as a teen, and uploaded the video to YouTube several years later, sparking an international discussion about child abuse. It’s a horrible video to watch, made more chilling when you realise the level of planning and […]

World Mental Health Day and political pain.

It’s World Mental Health Day today, which aims to “raises public awareness about mental health issues. The day promotes open discussion of mental disorders, and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment services.”  That’s a big huge umbrella, but I’d like to talk about something I’m intimately familiar with: depression. The Center for Disease Control and […]