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Buffy Vs. The Beige Demon: Good Riddance to Riley Finn

I recently started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer because I was all out of episodes of Doctor Who and I was giving myself permission to take a break from trying to solve the problems of the world and abstain from everything that was causing me anxiety. Before this month my only exposure to the show […]

But, Pinterest Is For Girls! Sexism and Social Media

Pinterest has suddenly exploded in the last few weeks, becoming the new hip social media site everyone’s talking about, now that the shine has worn off Google Plus. Despite the fact that it’s been in existence since 2008, the site was relatively low-traffic until quite recently, when it reached the flashpoint it needed to attract […]

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: The Inevitable Twilight Review

GAWWWWWD can I tell you how terrible this new Twilight movie was? I really don’t think I can keep doing this to Harold. A few years ago I made him watch Beaches and Steel Magnolias in a single day, and I don’t think that day even touches this month. Sex and the City 2 AND […]