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SEXIST BEATDOWN: Through the Eyes of Laura Bush Edition

So, that Laura Bush. She seems like such a nice lady, am I right? With her sensible suits, and her motherly way of speaking, and her affection for the children, and so on, and so forth. She thinks reading and cookies are good! She thinks alcoholism and breast cancer are bad! She is totally fine […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: La Cage Aux Miley Edition

So! As you may very well know, by now, this Monday I participated in Harvard’s Rethinking Virginity conference. I talked! I listened! I ate mini-burritos! I Tweeted the whole darn thing, along with many of the other panelists! (Seriously: #rethinkingvirginity. It is a fun hash tag! Look it up.) The particular panel on which I […]