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Monthly Archives: June 2009


I just deleted a bunch of really nice comments! If your comment just doesn’t show up: I accidentally deleted it! I am sorry! I love you! Snobographer, Fllewellyn, the person who compared me to T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics (AT LAST MY LIFE’S GOAL HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED), a whole bunch of people who had really smart […]

Dear Andrea Dworkin,

It’s me, Sady. Yes! That’s right! ME! One of the many women who has no doubt caused you to wish that you could rise, as a vengeful spirit, to haunt and torment your critics! Well, good news for you, Andrea: that is kind of exactly what happened to me this past weekend, when I tried […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: She’s Every Woman, It’s All In Her (And Definitely Not You) Edition

Friends, today is the day I have spent talking. Talking, about how to personify feminism in one’s personal life! Can you do it? Can you do it PERFECTLY? I cannot! Well, here is a relief for me: Angelina Jolie has been scientifically discovered to embody literally every facet of feminism, PERFECTLY, within herself. This was […]

ADVICE! For Deleted Commenters! AGAIN!

Friends, I received a comment today! A comment that was six hundred and fifty-one words long! Now, normally I would just be like, “whoops, looks like someone doesn’t know how ‘blogs’ work.” (Did you know, Commenter, that there are whole websites that you can create specifically for the purpose of posting your various thoughts on […]

M@ Did Not Rape You. He Just Drew a Diagram About It!

My goodness, free speech is hard. Just this morning, I was reading a REALLY REALLY EXCELLENT PIECE by the really really excellent blogger Amanda Hess, which drove home to me precisely how hard it can be! It concerns a young blogger named M@ (no, really: he is named M@), who, on the blog Why I […]

Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House, Unless You Smear Feces All Over It: Some Notes on Shakesville and Feminist Blogging

Well, this just blows. For those not keeping track: Melissa McEwan, maybe one of the better role models out there for those who aspire to cover the ladybusiness, and also (LET’S MAKE IT ABOUT ME) one of the first ladybloggers to treat Tiger Beatdown like a real thing and not just a serialized Internet drama […]

Come Ye Now and Heere of the Beating of Tygers

So! My birthday is happening this week! Yes, it is true. As part of my birthday celebration, I went with my mom (hi, Mom! You are not allowed to read this blog!) to the Cloisters. Goodness, I love the Cloisters. They are beautiful. Also? They will bum you right out. Thinking about Ye Medieval Tymes, […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Who Has Written a Piece About Race And Gender In "Obsessed?" In JUNE?

That would be me, my friends! I have been planning it forever, I have been holding off – as per suggestion – until its UK debut, I have had my spot uncomfortably stolen by Elizabeth Wurtzel (WURTZEL WILL HAVE HER REVENGE, I tell you; never cross that woman, not even in Gchat format) and now, […]

Sexist Beatdown: The Future of Comedy Edition!

Hey. You know what I don’t write about very often? Dude comedies! Specifically, “slacker man-child eventually embraces maturity and/or women which are both about as fun as having his genitals personally mutilated by Lars von Trier” dude comedies, of the type popularized by one Judd Apatow! Oh, wait, no. That is ALL I write about, […]

Ned Hepburn and Gus Menary: Ain’t No Party Like a Boner Party, ‘Cause a Boner Party… Well, It Really Should Stop

Ah, blogging. So futuristic! So full of promise! Such a way for people to connect! For example: sometimes, while blogging, you can connect with people by being a total dick. Then, people will connect with you for the express purpose of pointing out what a dick you are! This can be kind of uncomfortable. Such […]