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The Week In Patriarchy

As the United States of America turned 234, one man celebrated by videotaping some ladies’ fruited planes. Dudes across America said, “I’d tap [Rachel Maddow back when she was in high school and wasn’t all smart and glasses-y and a lesbian]!” Be on the lookout America: Socialist feminists in Sweden burnt $13,000 to symbolically represent the wage gap between men and women. Maybe America and Sweden are already more similar than previously thought.

Spread around contextual ads for “incredible star slim-downs” and “celebrity six-packs” was an uplifting story about Christina Hendricks and how she felt beautiful after gaining weight. Mad Men showed us how to treat a lady. Mel Gibson admitted to hitting his ex “because she fucking deserved it.”

Economist Nancy Folbre introduced into the lexicon the phrase “cougar capitalism.” Frown. Jesse Bering of the Scientific American made a circuitous case for his not being a sexist that included the fact that his editor is a woman and that people generally dislike feminists. It concluded by telling the woman who had first leveled the claim, “Go stuff it up that hole of yours which [sic] is shared by both male and female jackasses alike.” (Ah, the grammatical sic.) In an apparent attempt to repair the damaged reputation of feminists, the female jackass in question had said that “[his] blatant, unapologetic, flinching gynophobia made me wonder if he’s gay.” A Center for Feminist Research study found that women’s sports are underrepresented at ESPN because male sports reporters are scared.

The geeks at Google were found to underrepresent women in their doodles. That’s not what their high school notebooks would have us think! Olivia Munn’s geek flag flew high as she proselytized for the more frequent use of the word “cunt” and told Internet overanalyzers they “need to get the shit fucked out of them.” A recent Belgian study found that girls are too simple to play videogames. (It did find that they like “bright colors”–just like birds!)

Celebrated American writer Marilynne Robinson appeared on The Daily Show. That’s why TDS has been a trending topic all week, right? Emma Donoghue, literary scholar, looked for “secret sapphic desire” in the works of Shirley Jackson and others. Andrew Breitbart was somewhat surprised that the new The Kids Are All Right is not, in fact, biopic of The Who.


  1. A resounding “ugh” to rating how “hot” Rachel Maddow was in high school.


    Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 9:12 pm | Permalink
  2. auktastic wrote:

    The Olivia Munn interview was really interesting. Like, there were parts of it that pissed me off — her somewhat snobbish attitude about Jezebel as a site (“I would really like to make a point that no one knew what the fuck Jezebel was before that story came out.”), her opinion that certain people need to “get the shit fucked out of them” (the only implications I can take from that are either that she thinks these people are jealous and need a good lay, which, ugh, or she thinks they deserve to get raped?) — but there were also parts of it that I liked. Her point about how all the furor over her being the “pretty girl” to get hired is kind of inherently insulting to previous female correspondents like Nancy Carell and Sam Bee was intresting, and something I hadn’t thought about before, and I thought that her response to the bikini question (“I’m someone who knows how to look comfortable [in a bikini]. But I know what my angles are, because that’s the job of it.”) was refreshing and kind of Megan Fox-esque.

    So basically, what I learned today is that Olivia Munn is a person? That she can simultaneously hold attitudes and beliefs that I abhor *and* ones that I agree with? Huh.

    Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Permalink
  3. katiemonstrrr wrote:

    Olivia Munn’s geek flag flew high as she proselytized for the more frequent use of the word “cunt” and told Internet overanalyzers they “need to get the shit fucked out of them.”

    Wow. That on top of her previous oh-so-charming quotes, how could we NOT love Ms. Munn?

    Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Permalink
  4. Jeanne wrote:

    Shorter Breitbart: What can two women even *do* together, anyway?

    Monday, July 12, 2010 at 3:28 am | Permalink

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