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Team Tiger AWESOME

One thing about a group of people this fantastic is that our pure awesome cannot be contained to these pages alone. Thus, we like to keep you posted on what we’re up to elsewhere!

Emily Manuel’s been all over the place! At In These Times, she writes about the London riots. On Global Comment she discussed Amy Winehouse and the Rupert Murdoch pie incident. For Billboard, an interview with musician Patrick Wolf.

Flavia Dzodan wrote about Argentina’s economic crisis and the implications for the West on Global Comment and discussed the importance of pseudonymity for immigrants and activists for My Name Is Me.

Garland Grey is still blogging up a storm at Bitch Magazine. Check out his piece on public displays of affection.

Sady Doyle wrote about Newt Gingrich’s little Twitter overstatement for The Guardian, delved into Michele Bachmann and the ‘submissive wife’ for Global Comment, and wants you all to know that she’s in the latest edition of In These Times magazine talking about the DSK trial and Diallo, so you should buy it.

s.e. smith is at Bitch Magazine with Anna in an eight week series, ‘We’re All Mad Here’ on mental illness in pop culture; here’s the latest, on the asylum as a pop culture symbol. On The Guardian, a discussion about the Kelly Thomas case and mental health services. At Longshot Magazine, ‘There’s A Lot of Waiting At the End.’ For My Name Is Me, why it’s important to preserve pseudonymity for people with mental illness writing online, and at Global Comment, a discussion of California’s marijuana industry and Frontline’s ‘The Pot Republic.’ Yes, ou writes a lot.

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  1. kpants wrote:

    Thanks for the quick “writings elsewhere” round-up: this will keep me busy & happily reading for a while!

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