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Closing comments on several posts

Heya all! It’s Sunday evening (well, more like 1 AM for me) and after a brief but productive discussion with the other editors, we are closing comments on several threads today.

Truth be told, moderating these threads has been a pain in the ass. I usually do that first thing in the morning, what with being on European time and early, so I get to see the comments that people leave overnight. But these past few posts? They have been TERRIBLE. So, we are doing the thing that suits our scarce free time best: closing them. People had ample chance to have their say and disagree or not. I doubt that after 100+ comments anyone would come up with something SO ORIGINAL AND SO GROUNDBREAKING that we will regret this decision.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow and everyone will have a chance at commenting on them as usual. In the meantime, have a great Sunday!