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SCIENCE FACT: People Who Benefit From Privilege More Likely To Think Privilege Is Awesome

So: there is a study which states that men with “traditional” views on gender earn more than men with egalitarian views. Surprise! (By the way, I love the euphemistic use of “traditional” rather than “sexist.” Like, if I burned a woman to death because I thought she’d been blighting my crops with her menstrual blood, that wouldn’t be a witch hunt – that would be “traditional agriculture.”) Here, the authors of the study, Livingston and Judge, struggle to explain this puzzling new phenomenon:

“It could be that traditional men are hypercompetitive salary negotiators — the Donald Trump prototype, perhaps,” Judge said. “It could be on the employer side that, subconsciously, the men who are egalitarian are seen as effete.”

Oh, “effete!” Yes, that’s probably it: employers only give raises to sexist men because non-sexist dudes are giant pussies. By Jove, Science, you’ve done it again! 

Anyway, it’s probably true that sexist men are rewarded more than non-sexist men (and all women) for their work. It might even be true that sexist dudes are super-powered ultra-negotiators who earn higher salaries because of their manly fortitude, although I really doubt it. However, it really seems not at all groundbreaking to point out that the people who benefit most from sexism are the people most invested in preserving it. Call me an idealist, but I generally think that a study should, if at all possible, be slightly more enlightening than an average episode of Mad Men.

Because, seriously, Mad Men has this: 

And he wears shorts.