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Right, Guys, Because of Gay?

Ah, the travails of modern life. On an almost daily basis, I am confronted with the fact that Amanda Marcotte is smarter and funnier than she has any right to be, most recently in her write-up of this poop:

And here she is:

I laughed out loud watching it, and then I felt angry about that, because the premise of the video is that I, due to the unfortunate act of nature that granted me a vagina, cannot either find this video funny nor find these cliches anything but compelling. Also, my vagina gives me a tin ear to the desires of the more intelligent, humorous sex who doesn’t want to waste their time with stupid movies that my vagina makes me want to watch… Being one of those new-fangled women who went to college instead of getting married at 20 so I could start pushing out babies for some evangelical Christian car salesman, I am, of course, not only a giant sap for romantic comedies that feed me a ridiculous fantasy that someone could ever love me despite my ambition and neuroses (which, being a single, educated woman, I have by the dozens), but I’m also a narcissist who can’t think of other options for viewing romantic comedies other than demanding my boyfriend suffer.

Oh, it’s all worth reading, sure, but wait for the conclusion:

I suppose a lot of women are going to choose not to be insulted by this video, thinking that if they think it’s funny, that makes them smart and funny. You know, just like a man and not at all like other women who suck so much. Those women are what we in the feminist industry like to call suckers.


But wait! Amanda! You missed something! All of these “romantic comedy” scenes are full of MEN. MEN, pretending to date and fall in love with and have the sexing with OTHER MEN. Which men can never do! Because that would make them total homos! And, they’re all, like, “ohhhhh, look at me, I’m having feelings of a romantic nature – but AM A MAN!” Hahaha, it’s like they’re women! And have the Gay! Oh, my knee is sore, from all the slapping. WOMEN! GAYS! Hahahahaha, ohhhhhhhhhh, we have fun.