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WHAT DOES SARA’S MOM THINK? A Feature which Is Long Overdue

Dude: my mom is the best. You may think I am only saying this because she is my mom! Yet that is only partially true. She is my mom, and should be applauded for that achievement, but is also an awesome lady – awesome to the extent that, whenever I find myself in a troubling situation, I get the urge to quote her like she is freaking Gandhi or something. Therefore, WHAT DOES SARA’S MOM THINK? is a feature which I believe will add to the sum total of human knowledge. 
This installment concerns literary matters, and also why I am such a huge narcissist! It goes as follows:
“You know, I took your advice, and I’ve been reading that David Foster Wallace. It’s really good!”
“Which book are you reading?” 
A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again? I like it a lot. I think the first essay went over my head, but I like all the rest of it, especially that one about the cruise ship, which I think is just hysterical.”
“Yeah, his non-fiction is some of the most fun to read. I can lend you Consider the Lobster, too, when you come up. But you’d have to skip the first essay, because it’s about, like, porn.” 
“Oh, what’s that, dear? We never had any of that in my day, which was the Seventies.”  
“Oh, all right, fine. I’m just trying to protect you!” 
“Well, that’s nice, honey. I have to say, though, I think you write just as well as he did.” 
“I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s true.”