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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Won’t Stop Believin’: A Gleek Turns Against the Thing He Loves

Last month marked a year since the pilot episode of Glee aired. Initial critical reception was tepid, with reviewers praising its theatrical take on high school extracurriculars but faulting its lack of dramatic substance. The show focuses on a high school show choir by the name of “New Directions”, melding the hyper reality of a […]

The Day I Didn’t Want To Write About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the Internet. If you try to look up “Lady Gaga Alejandro video” on YouTube, you will find several faux links — mostly, for the record, leading to unattractive angry gentlemen with laptop cameras opining on something or other. The unattractive angry gentlemen, for once, have it right: Entitling something after a Lady […]

THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE: Advice for Deleted Commenters, From a Puppy

[Sady is trying very hard to be a nicer and less confrontational person. However, she still sometimes gets bad Internet comments! And is, of course, tempted to respond to them, which really takes a toll on the whole “nice” project. Therefore, we are introducing a new Tiger Beatdown comment moderator: Hektor, An Adorable Puppy. He […]

What We Write When We Don’t Write For the Internet: Looking For A Voice In All The Wrong Places

Once, a long time ago (in Internet terms; for non-digitally based life forms, it was about twelve months ago),someone paid me a compliment about something I’d written. You have a great voice, she said. It was a very nice thing to say,  and even more so to hear it from someone who is an amazing […]

M.I.A. IS A FAKE: Some Thoughts on Authenticity, Politics, and Truffle Oil

So, last week. Last week! We had a Theme Post Party! I was called a militant radical misandrist lesbian recruiter by (some of) the readers of The Atlantic, for disagreeing somewhat on the finer points of Ms. Caitlin Flanagan’s Boyfriend Story! My gentleman caller and/or a puppy arrived in my living headquarters, and it was […]

What We Read When We Don’t Read the Internet PRESENTS! A Dream Deferred: Lorraine Hansberry’s Lesbian Agenda

[And here we are: On Sunday. I assume you are all comfortably drunk from your various brunches, and therefore in an extra-friendly mood! Well, good news: It turns out ALL OF OUR GUEST POSTERS WERE SUPER-AWESOME THIS TIME AROUND, and also, that we have one further awesome guest poster for you. Her name is Lauretta […]

What We Read When We Don’t Read the Internet PRESENTS! The J.K. Rowling Complex, or, Why My Initials Are How You Know Me

[Yes, we are back! Because here is the thing about this particular THEME POST PARTY, my friends: We got so many folks coming our way that we just decided to keep partying right straight through the weekend. We have discussed, for example, what we read! Or: What we don’t read! Or: What NO-ONE should read, […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Retrosexual Trend-Piece Writing Code Edition

The Retrosexual! Who is he? What are his ways and principles? Are his website design skills as hilariously bad as one might hope they are? Thanks to our delightful comment section, I have found the answer! I have found, in fact, the Code of the “Retrosexual,” one of the many forms of gender-role historical re-enactmenter […]

What We Read When We Don’t Read The Internet PRESENTS! How Sei Shonagon Invented Your Tumblr

[Yesterday, we took a break! Sometimes it happens, my friends. I hope you did not miss us all too terribly! But today, we are back again — and will be back, again and AGAIN — with What We Read When We Don’t Read The Internet. And today, the person who is back is me! Managing […]

What We Read When We Don’t Read The Internet PRESENTS! Even Transsexual Cowgirls Get the Girl Book Bashing Blues

[What, you thought our Theme Post Party was done? Nuh-UNH! Let’s check in with C.L. Minou about her many disreputable past literary lives and how she learned to stop worrying and Trust Women (Writers.)] There is this narrative, that fits some people–maybe most, I don’t think there’s been a poll–who transition from male to female […]