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Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Hierarchical Structure of Fashion

[Guess what, dudes and ladies? It is still The Week of Brackets That Will Not End: Or, our monthly Tiger Beatdown Pledge Drive, for those familiar with the process. Hey: Have I mentioned that Pledge Driving is how we pay our fine bloggers, around here? Yep! Value for labor! This is how we roll! And […]

Forget it, Jake: It’s Patriarchy

[Hey, everybody: It is Tiger Beatdown Pledge Week! Again! And on Tiger Beatdown Pledge Week, we aspire to bring you the very best in commentary relating to the genders, with our trademark professionalism and insight and OH HOLY FUCK THEY DID WHAT ABOUT THE ROMAN POLANSKI THING ARGH ARGH ARGH. Anyway. Please enjoy this handy […]

The Problem Femme: On Colette

[Hey, y’all! Guess what it is? If you guessed “Tiger Beatdown Pledge Week, AGAIN,” you would be totally right-on and a good guesser. If you also guessed “the weekend where Sady shares her THOUGHTS ABOUT BOOKS, ALL AT ONCE, Because of FABULOUS PRIZES,” you would be correct. There is so much going on! We do […]

SEXIST BEATDOWN: We Welcome Our Adorable Newborn Oppressors Edition

Babies! They don’t care whether you’re having fun or not! Such, anyway, are the conclusions of this recent NY Magazine article, which is a SHOCKING EXPOSE on how rearing a tiny creature unfamiliar with manners, basic safety precautions, the very notion that everyone around them possesses a unique subjectivity, and your more modern feces-disposal methods […]

The Week In Patriarchy

As the United States of America turned 234, one man celebrated by videotaping some ladies’ fruited planes. Dudes across America said, “I’d tap [Rachel Maddow back when she was in high school and wasn’t all smart and glasses-y and a lesbian]!” Be on the lookout America: Socialist feminists in Sweden burnt $13,000 to symbolically represent […]

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: The Inevitable Twilight Review

GAWWWWWD can I tell you how terrible this new Twilight movie was? I really don’t think I can keep doing this to Harold. A few years ago I made him watch Beaches and Steel Magnolias in a single day, and I don’t think that day even touches this month. Sex and the City 2 AND […]


Ladies! Are we tired of talking about The Daily Show yet? I know I am! You know who’s not tired of talking about it, though: DELETED COMMENTERS. There are dozens of them, apparently! Many of them angry that I haven’t published their first-time, openly hostile comments right away, and willing to leave a series of […]

Your Ladybits Got in my Science: Agora, The Tiger Beatdown Review

I am a geek. You may have figured this out–I mean, I drop casual references to Cthulu in my posts here, I have detailed literary criticism of both The Lord of the Rings AND the Star Wars prequels prepared to be ranted upon the poor unfortunate who engages me in conversation about either, even if […]

And Now, A Word From The Daily Show

Dear Feminists: We work at the Daily Show. We are all women! Please do not make any enquiries as to whether we are hired or promoted at the same rate as men, or which opportunities are made available to us, as opposed to our male counterparts. For we are women. This should be enough for […]

Why I Couldn’t Blog About Hating Kathleen Parker

Oh my god, people? Can I just complain, for a minute? Because I am exhausted. And that is why I didn’t blog last Wednesday. Because! I took a whirlwind trip to Chicago over the weekend. I had a really, really awesome idea, which is that I was going to fly back from Chicago on Monday […]