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Speaking of Doin’ It Whilst Feminist:

You know who is frequently called upon to make their sexual practices more in line with someone else’s personal idea of What Feminism Means For Us All? Why, the porn ladies and gentlemen, that is who! And whilst you were all preparing to yell at Don this weekend (oh, like you thought he WOULDN’T end up with the secretary; “boring yet somehow deeply unlikable” is how Mad Men spells W-I-F-E) I was learning a whole bunch of stuff about condoms, porn, and California. Enjoy!

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  1. Lynn Norwood wrote:

    How do you see Megan’s character developing? Will she completely give up her (stated) career goals and become the housewife/surrogate mom? Do you think her European roots will emerge and bring something else to the table? She is young and impulsive (naive) in love but…I’m hoping for some depth of character here. (Are young, naive, pretty secretaries people too?)

    Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 1:08 pm | Permalink