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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Running Toward the Gunshots: A Few Words About Joan of Arc

So there’s another thing I’ve been thinking about, and reading about, and you can laugh at me all you want, but: Joan of Arc. I’ve been thinking, and reading, a lot about Joan of Arc. Patti Smith has a line in “Just Kids” about the optimism of little girls who choose “Joan” as their confirmation […]

A Joke, A Guy, A Gun, Six Bodies: Why We’re Careful.

So, here is a thing Sarah Palin had up on her website yesterday, for funsies, and for politics, and suchlike: And here is why she took it down today, one imagines. It is a headline that came up today, while I was browsing my personal internet: Doctors ‘optimistic’ for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery after Arizona […]

Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown

I really like blogging. I really like blogging, a whole lot. I have met several of my closest friends through it. I met the guy I’m currently dating through it. Blogging has improved my life to a tremendous degree, and given me self-confidence and something to look forward to and care about, in a way […]

Radical Masculinity, Sumptuary Gender, and The Unfriendly Queer

This still makes me really uncomfortable. 2010 was, I believe, the year when more people read what I wrote than ever before. It’s like I’ve activated a latent superpower, for all that it has changed the way that I live and work. I can’t lift cars or shoot seminal metaphors from my wrists, but I […]

On Manning.

It’s hard to write about Bradley Manning. I’ve composed more than one lengthy, impassioned post about Manning, and deleted it; we’ve heard things about or from Manning that we weren’t supposed to hear, and we’ve heard lots of things about Manning that may or may not be the truth, and addressing those things publicly — […]

LIFE OF SADY: Delayed Projects Edition!

So, let’s talk about a very important social justice issue. Let’s talk: ABOUT MY TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Because the New Year, it hath begun. And I am still working through all the messages I received last month. If I’ve missed yours? Maybe I haven’t gotten to it yet, or maybe I scrolled right past it […]