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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Above reproach: why do we never question fidelity?

I’ve been in Italy for the past ten days or so, on an end of summer break. Which, you know, it was great and I had all the food and all the art related visits to galleries and the Venice Art Biennial and walking through Milano (did I ever mention how awful I feel every […]

Nationwide Birth Control Recall

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has issued a nationwide recall for several lots of birth control pills, due to a “packaging error”: The recall affects these products: Cyclafem 7/7/7, Cyclafem 1/35, Emoquette, Gildess FE 1.5/30, Gildess FE 1/20, Orsythia, Previfem and Tri-Previfem. The pills are rotated incorrectly within their packages, meaning that some birth control users might take […]

Sunday links, on Tuesday

So I really meant to do a link post last weekend, and then this weekend, but I just got super busy, and then there was the True Blood finale, and then my cat ate my google docs, and, and, and.  Here are we anyway.  Links organised thematically and that, and in the spirit of full […]

Yes to Gay YA–But Don’t Stick It In the Issue Books Corner

Authors Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith lit the young adult book world up yesterday with a piece for Publisher’s Weekly discussing a situation where an agent asked them to change the sexual orientation of their main character. I’ll give you three guesses as to what the character’s orientation was. They said no, and were […]

With Dim Lights: On Feminism and Virtue

Theresa’s passionate, ideal nature demanded an epic life: what were many-volumed romances of chivalry and the social conquests of a brilliant girl to her? Her flame quickly burned up that light fuel; and, fed from within, soared after some illimitable satisfaction, some object which would never justify weariness, which would reconcile self-despair with the rapturous […]

Queering Your Politics, Politicking Your Queers

In California last week, the jury in the Larry King trial deadlocked on whether Brandon McInerney was guilty of manslaughter or murder when he shot his classmate for being too gay in 2008. Meanwhile, opponents of the recent legislative move to mandate the teaching of gay history started collecting signatures to get a repeal on […]

Politics and gender imbalance online: women are not participating

Let me tell you this: you are going to be called a cunt. Or, like I was, you are going to be invited to kill yourself because you are a waste of humanity. You are going to be threatened with rape. Your photos, if you happen to be a public figure, are going to be […]

Closing comments on several posts

Heya all! It’s Sunday evening (well, more like 1 AM for me) and after a brief but productive discussion with the other editors, we are closing comments on several threads today. Truth be told, moderating these threads has been a pain in the ass. I usually do that first thing in the morning, what with […]