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The curious case of Reeva Steenkamp’s boyfriend

The media and the Internet are abuzz with the shooting death of law graduate and anti-domestic violence advocate Reeva Steenkamp in South Africa last week, an event made all the more prurient to many media consumers by the fact that the accused, her boyfriend, is a Paralympic and Olympic athlete with an international reputation. As […]

#NOTBUYINGIT: The Problem Is Far Bigger Than Audi’s #BraveryWins

[Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape and the motivations/tactics of rapists.] If you missed the Beyoncé Bowl (alternatively: The Super Knowles) it was perfect. Beyoncé used her extensive catalog of hits, her once-in-a-generation talent, and her staggering genius to put on a show none of us deserved. Her opening and closing act was a little bizarre […]

Uh, yes, Franca Sozzani, racism is a problem in fashion

The cover of “Vogue Italia” has an important face on it this month: Chinese model Fei Fei Sun, who is the first Asian model to appear on the cover of the magazine. I’d note that US and British editions have yet to feature an Asian woman on their covers, although US “Vogue” did do a spread featuring Asian models in […]

So sorry your disability tragedy porn isn’t sad enough, Ian Buckwalter

So, meet Ian Buckwalter of The Atlantic. Ian has a bone to pick with the slew of feel-good films about disability that have come out this year in a naked grab for Oscars, and so do I, but the bones we’re picking are, uh, radically different. I’m concerned about the trope of the feel-good disability […]

Make Your Vote Count, and Look Out for Others While You’re At It

I’m hoping all our US readers who are eligible to vote are planning to hit the polls tomorrow (or have already voted absentee or via early voting) to participate in the election. If you’re in a battleground state, obviously your vote is especially important, but even if you’re not, there are a lot of important […]

There’s still time to not be racist for Halloween!

With Halloween only two days away, I know some of our US-based readers may be scrambling for costumes, and this is really something that should go without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway: Please don’t be racist for Halloween, okay? We here at Tiger Beatdown want you to have fun and be safe, but […]

A gentle reminder…

There are only a few days left in the voting for the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award 2012 (our own Sady won last year!), so if you haven’t voted yet, I strongly encourage you to do so, and to spread the word through your networks. There are a lot of fabulous nominees on the list […]

I’ve got your binder right here

The ‘binder full of women’ line seemed destined to be a meme almost before it finished coming out of Romney’s mouth; no surprise that a Tumblr dedicated to it was created before the debate was even over, that Twitter promptly exploded with binder jokes during and after, that they lingered on for days, that people […]

Tiger Beats: What We’re Up To

It’s been a while since we did a roundup updating y’all on our fabulous doings, so, here we go! Emily just made an international move and she’s settling in, but she still had time to write a great piece about the turn towards austerity in Australia. Flavia co-founded Space Invaders, ‘a collective that seeks to […]

Rape and selective outrage in the feminist community

Content note: This post discusses sexual assault committed against disabled people. People have repeatedly asked me to write about a case from Connecticut involving a rape conviction that was overturned on the grounds that ‘No reasonable jury could have concluded that [the victim] was physically helpless.’ And I get why you want me to write […]