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I sing Video Games for the fourteen year old girl I once was

“You cannot come in with that ugly cow standing over there”. Said by the bouncer at a posh disco, to my brother, when I was sixteen? maybe seventeen? and trying to enter said disco with a group of friends. I was the “ugly cow” the bouncer referred to. Summer dresses and lipgloss, and a place […]

Tiger Earplugs: Mal Blum

Yesterday I went to GayBiGayGay, the annual queer rock festival at the end of South By Southwest. This was their first year in a new location, it was a beautiful day, and the ZiegenBock was reasonably priced – so reasonably priced that I spent most of the afternoon trying to take a nap. But before […]

Glitter, Glam, and Lady Hate: The Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light”

Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light” should be one of my favorite videos of the year. It starts off with a pretty solid Hammer Horror pastiche, with the Gothic elements firmly in place – a woman is left alone in the manor with her child and is menaced by evil forces – which segues into a bizarre […]

Shut Your Head Gash: A Polite Defense of Women’s Music

Ladypalooza came at a weird time for me this year. South by Southwest was last month, which led to me writing extensively about music for a few weeks. Compound that with my fervent attempts to get EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE! to listen to my favorite band by writing what amounts to little more than musical erotica about […]