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What Are You Doing This Week? A Post Full of Helpful Suggestions

Ladies! I think you have a slight problem! The problem, at least if you are me – and WHY AREN’T YOU, really? – is that you might not know what you are going to do this week! And you need to get on that, because “well, I had some yoga planned” and “LOST is on, so my plans for TUESDAY NIGHT are really clear, that promo was super exciting” are not appropriate answers. No, not in the least!

Well, luckily, I am here to share the results of my fast-paced ladyblogging lifestyle! For truly, sometimes I try to figure out what is going on. Particularly in the area of New York City, but also sometimes in other regions! Here, then, are some potential plans, if you are a lady and thus fond of events catering to the interests of that gender.

  • March 4 – or, as we like to call it around here, “Thursday” – is International Women’s Day. [UPDATE: DAMN IT. Actually, that would appear to be the 8th. Or, “Monday!” You guys, I Googled to make sure and everything! But Google LIED, if your e-mails are any indication. And I’ve seen like two separate things that are like, “on the 4th, in honor of etc” so you can see how I messed up. This event is still somewhat keyed to the day,  though, apparently!] I plan to celebrate it much in the manner that I always do, by being a woman. Non-stop, full-tilt being a lady! Being a lady TO THE EXTREME! However, to emphasize the international aspects of the whole deal, we also have “Half the Sky,” which is going on all over (you can check here to see if it is going on near you, even!) and is of course related to Half the Sky, the book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn about global womens’ issues. There is music, there is India.Arie specifically if that is exciting to you, there is a film directed by Marisa Tomei (who knew?) and Lisa Leone, and there is the potential for argument afterward because lady issues are COMPLICATED and the way that we Western folks (Marisa Tomei included) talk about womens’ issues outside of our specific geographically located issues tends to be pretty complicated also.
  • UPDATE: ALSO, because I did not check my Google Reader all day AHHHH, I somehow initially missed the Girl Power reading at the 92nd Street Y on Wednesday! Which looks super exciting too! Ladies reading about ladies making lady music! Plus, a dude will be reading about that also! And some lady musicians themselves will be involved, too! Who does not want that, really?
  • Other things that are complicated include: what is up with women and this “feminism” thing that has been going out for a while, food, and ladies getting naked specifically. If you live in NYC, there is a chance to participate in said complications by attending The Soup Show, which is some ladies getting naked in a bathtub, talking about lady stuff, and also I’m told there’s soup. It’s “performance art!” How much performance art do you really see? This is playing through the 27th, so you don’t have to go see it this week exactly, but you could! Here is a link, with information, and also some lady nakedness, at the other end.
  • Playing through the sixth of this month, which means you should go see it this week if you want to see it at all, there is a small and yet exciting-sounding production of Hamlet! Here is why this is exciting: Hamlet is a played by a lady. Ophelia is played by a dude. The gender dynamics of your worst relationship (He’s Just Not That Into Thee Not Getting to a Nunnery), miraculously reversed! You can find ticket information here.
  • And, finally, should you be a lady who prefers a different sort of classic, at midnight on Saturday, the Landmark Sunshine in New York is going to play Aliens. Aliens! Ripley! “Let go of her, you bitch!” Paul Reiser’s face being totally eaten off! I’m as hostile to the concept of James Cameron as anyone else, at this point, but still. Paul Reiser’s FACE!

So, these are some things that you might do this week. I myself will be doing at least three of them! And hopefully, future weeks will be just as exciting. You see that I want to help.