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GREY AREAS: Come, Let Me Play You a Torch Song Of My Wasted Youth Edition

Last week I asked for questions for Grey Areas and this was in my inbox before the e-ink was dry on my e-request. I‘m young, gay, sassy, and just starting to play the dating game. How do I get buttloads of men to swoon over me, or at least get the buttloads of men swooning […]

Grey Areas: Awkward Slow Dance Edition

Hey Garland. I am a student currently in high school and I was recently present when a friend of mine who is a part of that grand tradition known as the student council (read: dance committee) pitched the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance. There was a little bit of an argument because it was […]

Grey Areas: Wholesome Holiday Sex Edition

I’ve been following your tumblr for a long time but I’m embarrassed to post this under my name. What’s the best advice you have for someone who has never actually HAD sex but kind of done everything but? I mean this in terms of I’m with a person now (I’m a girl, he’s a guy) […]

Grey Areas: Surrogates and Cybertools

From now on I’m crowdsourcing everything. Grey Areas is a masterstroke. So! I have been thinking about this lately, but am yet to come across any feminist blogging on it: what’s the feminist stance on surrogate mothers and the mothers deciding to keep their children? On one hand, that is most definitely breaking some type […]

Tiger Beatdown Tells You How To Live Your Life!

…may not end up being the title of this weekly advice column. I am terrible at titles; I always want to do something high concept with too many disparate elements, and it hardly ever comes together. To wit! I wanted a name for TBTYHTLYL that would be equal parts silly kitsch and serious business (and […]