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Glitter, Glam, and Lady Hate: The Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light”

Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light” should be one of my favorite videos of the year. It starts off with a pretty solid Hammer Horror pastiche, with the Gothic elements firmly in place – a woman is left alone in the manor with her child and is menaced by evil forces – which segues into a bizarre […]

On the Care and Maintenance of Straight Friendships

Fun facts about straight people: Most of them are not dangerous! Some of them are actually quite lovely people. Straight people are not as violent as they are portrayed in action movies. Straight people are your neighbors, your friends, members of your community. You may be related to a straight person, or even share a room […]

The Varied Mental and Emotional States of Queer Caregivers in Rural America: A Case Study

I thought this was going to be an adventure. My middle class upbringing and a childhood reading silly, nonsense books had prepared me to see everything as an adventure. To take every new day and squeeze the life lesson out of it, to remember that I was my own best friend, and that my duty […]

The Garjectionist: Loving Problematic Books

Busy day today Beatdown. Today is the day I will finally compile the list of books with great female characters that y’all left us in the comments (A list which, from what I saw on Twitter, was more popular than the chat that preceded it. People loved! that! list!) and present it to The Rejectionist […]

OMG Glee: Brand New Puppy Edition

“Kurt looked up from his desk and stared fondly at the old group photo of the members of New Directions, his High School Show Choir. He struggled to remember when it had been taken. He lifted the frame from the wall and scrutinized the tiny markings on the bottom that dated the photo. ‘Ah yes,’ […]

I’ve Been Wanting To Write About Seven Brides For Seven Brothers For a While

A little over a month ago, AOL News posted an article by Walter Schumm entitled “Study: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.” Schumm, a Family Studies professor from Kansas has conducted a “meta-analysis” (just make peace with the amount of sarcastic quotations I need to use to even talk about this inane shit) […]

OMG Glee: The Substitute

Last week’s Glee was really terrible. Not just “makes Social Justice activists cringe” terrible, but poorly executed. Gwyneth Paltrow played a substitute teacher named Holly Holiday with designs on Will’s job, Principal Figgins, one of the show’s few characters of color, was fired, and Kurt was a terrible, shitty friend to Mercedes all the way through. We learned […]

OMG GLEE: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Disastrophe

In Glee’s ongoing mission to swallow large swaths of popular culture and extrude out the pink coils of chicken sludge they call “entertainment,” this week they did Rocky Horror Picture Show. “Don’t dream it, be it” Rocky Horror urges its viewers, and Glee got it half right. Here is a partial! incomplete! list of complaints: The […]

The Garjectionist: Female Characters in Literature

October is drawing to a close, and National Novel Writing Month is upon us. Which means that some members of the Beatdown Brain Trust might be trying their hands at noveling, with the jaunty scarves artfully thrown over the shoulder and the good seat in the coffee shop and the endless Internet browsing loops and […]

Grey Areas: Surrogates and Cybertools

From now on I’m crowdsourcing everything. Grey Areas is a masterstroke. So! I have been thinking about this lately, but am yet to come across any feminist blogging on it: what’s the feminist stance on surrogate mothers and the mothers deciding to keep their children? On one hand, that is most definitely breaking some type […]