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The Problem With Policing Someone Else’s Mental Health

In “Head Case,” an episode of the TV show “The Commish,” Michael Chiklis’ character uncovers a plot at a mental hospital to frame an innocent man for the death of a patient. He is kidnapped, locked in the hospital, and drugged – I can’t remember how he ended up getting out of this particular dilemma, […]

Bill Donohue Asks Tough Questions; Blames Victim

There is a phrase I EXTREMELY dislike that I see otherwise intelligent people using in arguments: “go die in a fire.” I dislike it not because it lowers the tone of the discourse – that’s the only reason I’m even on the Internet – but because it is such a personal attack. Using phrases like […]

A Message From Garland Grey, Real American

Ah, election season. The whisper campaigns, the endless press conferences, the surreal sight of rich people trying to pretend they care about anything but themselves, their fussy children, and their stable of miniature ponies. And no matter how much conservative politicians have tried to stay on message with their plan for the economy (spoiler: TAX […]

TO QUEER, WITH LOVE: The Year I Wanted To Be A Teacher

I used to want to be a teacher, did I ever tell you that Beatdown? My last semester of college, I took an extra 6 hours to qualify to teach my chosen subject area. While dealing with my autoimmune problems, writing papers, and studying for finals, I was commuting two hours both ways to attend orientation […]


[Howdy, y’all! (Ugh.) Turns out, it’s a Very Special Tiger Beatdown Fundraising Week. The lease on this domain is up, and we’re trying to raise the costs to keep it for one more year. Accordingly, we have blog posts! With pleas! Which may annoy you! But, for the record: Between 75% and 90% of the […]

I HATE I Love The Way You Lie

A few weeks ago Kat Stacks, a woman known for hooking up with celebrities, was attacked. The official story was that she had been attacked for commenting negatively on the size of the rapper Bow Wow’s penis. At the news of her beating the Internet CHEERED. Twitter immediately went into a frenzy of slut-shaming. As […]

The Swish

As a junior in college I took a course in “personality.” It was one of the many upper-level psychology classes I was to take that year. A few weeks in, the professor started talking about the Thematic Apperception Test. The TAT is based on an observable rule of human behavior: You can always trick people […]

‘CAUSE I’M NERDCORE LIKE THAT: Toward a Subversive Geek Identity

I started collecting X-Men Trading Cards in middle school. I would spend hours in the store sorting through identical silver packages, looking for The One. Or, at least, one that would have a limited edition holofoil or a rarity, something I could use to solidify my position in the daily cafeteria trading card stock market. […]

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: The Inevitable Twilight Review

GAWWWWWD can I tell you how terrible this new Twilight movie was? I really don’t think I can keep doing this to Harold. A few years ago I made him watch Beaches and Steel Magnolias in a single day, and I don’t think that day even touches this month. Sex and the City 2 AND […]

Fond Memories of Vagina: Martin Amis’ The Pregnant Widow

A person like me has to be careful when he goes to the bookstore. He can’t just slop books into his cart and glide over to the register, he has to do his research. Because it is very easy to get burned. Like the time I borrowed Phillip Roth’s The Humbling from the library. I […]