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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Fucking While Feminist: A Conversation, for Ladies and Selected Dudes!

Oh, Fucking While Feminist. What does it MEAN??? Such is the discussion amongst the ladies today. In my personal experience, Fucking While Feminist is pretty much like doing any other thing While Feminist: Going to the grocery store, napping, napping before going to the grocery store, etc. It’s pretty much like usual, except that if […]

The Problem With Policing Someone Else’s Mental Health

In “Head Case,” an episode of the TV show “The Commish,” Michael Chiklis’ character uncovers a plot at a mental hospital to frame an innocent man for the death of a patient. He is kidnapped, locked in the hospital, and drugged – I can’t remember how he ended up getting out of this particular dilemma, […]

I Feel It Incumbent to Point Out

That I feel Don Draper is not just a bad person, but THE WORST. But that is hyperbole. He hasn’t actually committed genocide (AS FAR AS WE KNOW). But still: If you would like to read a list of reasons about why I feel Pete’s face here is a totally appropriate reaction to knowing this […]

Sex-isms and The Working Mother

Beatdown, things are getting dire. The country is crumbling all around us, test scores are falling, the unemployment rate is rising off of the graph, and everywhere people are waiting for a miracle. And do you want to know what I blame? The feminism. I blame it for everything. Destruction of the nuclear family? Feminism. […]

Tiger Beatdown Tells You How To Live Your Life!

…may not end up being the title of this weekly advice column. I am terrible at titles; I always want to do something high concept with too many disparate elements, and it hardly ever comes together. To wit! I wanted a name for TBTYHTLYL that would be equal parts silly kitsch and serious business (and […]


“No one should ever refer to another person, even privately, as the political equivalent of a for-profit sex worker.” When necessary, one should make the necessary clarification that the other person behaves in the manner of a non-profit sex worker. Seriously, “it’s not polite to call ladies whores” is a fairly simple sentence to type.

Ladies! Stop Being Mad At Ted Hughes!

“But we weren’t mad at Ted Hughes,” certain of you ladies will doubtless tell me. And to you I say: Yes, you are! And stop it! For a man has written a newspaper blog post about what bitches you are all being! For, you see, the world is now in possession of a Ted Hughes […]

Bill Donohue Asks Tough Questions; Blames Victim

There is a phrase I EXTREMELY dislike that I see otherwise intelligent people using in arguments: “go die in a fire.” I dislike it not because it lowers the tone of the discourse – that’s the only reason I’m even on the Internet – but because it is such a personal attack. Using phrases like […]

Lessons from Art: Feminism Gets Semen All Over Your Face

Oh, hey! It turns out The British are up to something both pleasant and amusing, for the ladies. It is a “feminist postcard art auction,” with images intended to demonstrate something or other about the state of contemporary feminism. So far, so well-intentioned. Thumbs up, The British! But have you ever wondered, ladies, what a […]

A Message From Garland Grey, Real American

Ah, election season. The whisper campaigns, the endless press conferences, the surreal sight of rich people trying to pretend they care about anything but themselves, their fussy children, and their stable of miniature ponies. And no matter how much conservative politicians have tried to stay on message with their plan for the economy (spoiler: TAX […]